Lake Andaram #2


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East Bank of the Thirr. No settlements above Tier VI (Hamlet).

Two roads travel through here. One west to Nav Andaram (a player stronghold, so this has to be subdued) and one east to Aimrah, a Velothi-style settlement under Indoril control just in the southern peninsula.
The western area, as it's going to be newly-developed by the player stronghold, should be empty and wild. The eastern half can have some scattered Velothi dwellings/farmsteads and a Kwama mine as it's under the loose control of House Indoril.


This claim includes cell 14/-32 which is currently in TR_Indev, fully detailed. This is one of the origin points of the Thirr river, which didn't exist yet when the cell was finished and merged0. Cell 14/-32 had its height map adjusted, but no further changes were made. This needs to look like a believeable river mouth.



The western side of this

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The western side of this claim should be empty and wild, but the eastern half could perhaps have some scattered Velothi dwellings in some more open patches. I wouldn't mind seeing a Kwama mine and perhaps one or two Velothi cave dwellings, for instance; how do people feel about having those in this area? Perhaps one or two Velothi houses with small adjacent fields in the flatter area as well. I could also well imagine a Velothi tower on a ridge in the northwestern corner of this claim.

Other than that, this region should probably be more pretty visuals than anything else.

After a long time I've added

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After a long time I've added the first iteration of the claim. I'm not sure if it's detailed enough, but it'll probably change in the future.

I've been checking it out in

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I've been checking it out in-game and I couldn't reliably place where #2 ended and #3 began. I'd say this is pretty good for a start.

The plains are currently

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The plains are currently being changed. The bigger rocks are either being removed or scaled down, and the hills are now going to rely more on vertex shading than rocks.

A new .ESP has been uploaded

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A new .ESP has been uploaded and features:

- A more improved underwater section.
- Fewer gigantic rocks in the open fields.
- Fewer texture mistakes.

And probably more :P

I checked it out in-game

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I checked it out in-game today and it looks considerably better. Some weird floaters and border problems, but I think those need to be cleaned up in the other files.

It's still a bit rocky and could use more flora. I'd suggest some orange shroom tables (they're statics, T_Mw_Flora_ShroomTableO_01-06), Temple Domes (T_Mw_Flora_TempleDom01/02, flora), and bushes (flora_bush_01) or green and/or orange grasses (flora_bc_grass_01)
The shroom tables are big enough to replace some of the rocks, so it would be a win-win I think. Maybe throw in a few scaled-down trees and it's I think good for merging.

After much delay I've added

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After much delay I've added the newest version of the .ESP. It's not finished flora wise, but is instead supposed to act as a way to get feedback about how I should continue with my placement of said flora. It does include the new shroom tables.

Something you may want to do

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Something you may want to do is combine the file for this claim and the other one. If you do this, remember to clean the 'dirty' cell edits from both files so it doesn't murder your terrain. Also, you may not want to do it if you think that this one will be finished quickly enough for it not to be worthwhile.