Lake Andaram #5


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Part of the Andaram lake area, this claim includes the town of Idathren, located in the shallow part of the water. This is a House Hlaalu town, located on a slight inlet between small islands in the Lake Andaram. The town is a mix of shacks and Hlaalu architecture. The only building of real note here is the research station of the Mages Guild. The Mages Guild does research into the Lake from this location, having co-opted a building and an exterior location to conduct their research. The town is otherwise a normal if somewhat sleepy and secluded town with a local economy based on fishing.

The two islands in this claim could feature some kind of ruins, but not be permanently inhabited by peaceful citizens.

This claim should be carried out in the orange variant of the Aanthirin region. Land textures such as T_Mw_TerrDirtGrassAT, T_Mw_TerrGrassAT and T_Mw_TerrCloverAT should feature here. Rocks should be of the Ascadian type, as should foliage. Unique foliage for the Aanthirin are: T_Mw_FloraAT_LilypadOrange_01-03 and T_Mw_FloraAT_LilypadOrangeFl_01.

Part of this claim is in the Thirr Valley region, which uses its own unique assets. Consult the region map to see which cells should be which region.



Is there a particular reason

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Is there a particular reason for this being still in design? It has the file and everything, and the plan looks pretty solid.

Neither map nor claim file

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Neither map nor claim file had the suggested road in them. Idathren should also have a boat travel service.

Aside from two or three Hlaalu towers, the town is a sleepy fishing village. It's Tier IV despite having a Mages Guild study tower (and that's what it is, the Mages Guild does underwater studies in Lake Andaram from here).

Do the Thirr Valley part with the Aanthirin assets as described above, the rocks and flora will be changed when we actually have models for them.

Claiming. I am going to want

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Claiming. I am going to want to work on this simultaneously with my other claim, as one file. I'll ask about how i should do that on Discord this weekend.