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Summary: A father is wanting to get his daugher’s remains properly taken care of. He is having difficulty arranging this himself as his village doesn’t trust him. The player may simply take the daughter’s ashes to Necrom, or investigate why the father is distrusted and help him rectify this so he may inter his daughter in Dondril.


Ordinator in Mourning in Almas Thirr, who has been giving out high level Temple quests (see parent claim); this questgiver points the way to Garvs

assets needed:
Garvs Ovav (existing? needs to look the part of Fedura’s father)
Fedura Ovav (exists, needs to be laid on the cot as a dead body)
Fedura’s Ashes item (Use Ash Salts mesh)
scripted urn in Necrom
priest npc (use any existing in Vhul)

possible rewards:
100 gold
+7 Dondril area faction
+2 Temple faction

The player meets Garvs praying fervently in the Dondril village center. He is distraught as his daughter recently passed away, and is questioning his faith as a result. He asks the player to go to the nearby town of Vhul and speak to one of the priests there to obtain cremation services for him.

If asked about how his daugher died, Garvs says bitterly it was because of a terrible affliction, and that the village didn’t trust him enough to help him find a cure. The whole thing has left him with a lot of doubt about the gods and the Temple institution.

Player must then travel to Almas Thirr and escort a priest to the shack. This priest is one of the Temple NPCs in Almas Thirr (choose one, NOT the questgiver, though the questgiver will point the priest out to the player if asked). On arriving, the priest says he must prepare the body, and asks the player to leave.

The player can return the next day to find ritual candles placed about the house, the body is gone, and the priest hands the player Fedura’s ashes. If the player speaks further to him about the cremation, the priest mentions he had lit the candles not as part of the funeral service, but because he sensed Daedric influences in the property and performed a ritual to drive them out. Faintly puzzled, he says sometimes the Bad Daedra take an interest in the deaths of the devout, but tells the player to assure Garvs that Fedura’s soul was accepted into the Provincial House by the Tribunal, and so should not be worried.

The player then brings the ashes to Garvs and tells him the deed is done. Garvs is momentarily overcome with grief. At this point, if questioned again (disposition must be higher than 65), Garvs will admit he eased her daughter’s passing himself when it became clear there was no other way to cure her affliction. (Lower than 65, Garvs only says he doesn’t want to think about it just now.) Garvs then tells the player the villagers won’t allow him to inter remains in the village’s shrine because of the rumors about his family and that he is distrusted by the villagers. The player then has two options.

[1]They can bring the ashes to Necrom and finish out the quest for a small sum of gold from Garvs (they must return to Dondril for this) and +5 Temple faction, but no Dondril faction.

[2] Or they can investigate why the villagers distrust Garvs. There are two different routes to follow with this investigation.

--[2a] In route one, Garvs suggest the player speak to the Hetman to get his approval. The Hetman is reluctant to speak of what happened, because it is Indoril custom not to speak ill of the dead or possibly shameful doings. He grudgingly tells the player a story of a group of witches coming out of Hadrumnibibi several years ago, in which Garvs and his daugher were implicated as being responsible. He admits the Indoril judges could find no incriminating evidence, but this of course hasn’t stopped superstitions and prejudice from running rampant among the villagers. With a disposition check, the player can convince the Hetman to allow the daughter’s ashes to be spread at the communal shrine. At very high dispositions, the Hetman even agrees to speak at her funeral or otherwise honor her passing, which means Garvs will be accepted by the villagers again.

If the player talks to Garvs about the Hadrumnibbi witches, he says while he does have an ancient shrine on their property (those existing ruins with the blocked door), the accusations against his family are completely false; he has always been a penitent follower of the Tribunal. He admits he doesn’t know what the shrine-thing is or what it does, and that he always commanded his daughter to stay away from it. He believes she disobeyed him, which is what led to the sickness. He warns the player to stay away from the shrine, that it brings “ill omen”.

A failure to convince the Hetman will result in the Hetman telling the player to stop dishonoring the ancestors by speaking so openly on the shameful matter. He instead suggests the player could take the ashes to the priests in Vhul or out to Necrom to be interred, that this would still be an honorable way of conducting the funeral rites without spreading Garvs’ dirty laundry all about the town again (This serves as the hook/hint about the other two endings.)

--[2b] In route two, the player can question the priest further on the cremation process and why the priest lit the candles. The player may then tell the priest about how the other villagers (and/or the Hetman) don’t trust Garvs. The priest beomes troubled, and asks the player for Garvs’ explanation. Garvs tells the player about the daughter’s incurable affliction and shrine on his property if he hasn’t already. In addition, with a high disposition (94+), Garvs will also admit the “affliction” was his daughter becoming involved with a Daedrc witchcraft cult, and that he was forced to kill her to prevent more shame being cast onto his family name. He is struggling with remorse and the terror his shame will be revealed, and asks the player not to tell anyone else the truth. The difficulty of the disposition check is intended so that most players will bypass this tidbit entirely.

After the player recounts Garvs’ side of the story, the priest asks the player to bring a supply of ritual candles to Garvs and tell him he must perform a ritual cleansing of the shrine using the candles. Garvs will be resistant to the idea, saying he shouldn’t have to prove his faith so soon after such a horrible tragedy, and defensively questioning why the priest doesn’t do it himself. An easy disposition check will convince him to go along with the ritual however. If Garvs does the ritual, the priest will give Garvs his blessing and says he will ensure his daughter’s remains are properly interred at the community shrine. On returning to Garvs, he thanks the player profusely and this finishes the quest with the full reward.

If Garvs refuses the ritual cleansing, the priest says he has no choice but to brand Garvs as a possible heretic and bring him to the Ordinators for questioning. This latter choice will also finish the quest but without the gold reward; Garvs will disappear and the priest will return to Vhul after a couple of days.

To muddy the whole issue, dialogue (topics possibilities: latest rumors, Dondril?) tells of how Garvs’ wife was killed by witches several years ago under mysterious circumstances. Some villagers grumble that the woman may have delved into Daedric magic herself. These rumors crops up before and after the quest is completed at a low frequency in Dondril, to make it more difficult for the player to find it and connect it to the quest’s happenings.



I would claim this as a

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I would claim this as a writer, but it needs to be established if this is a Temple quest or not since that greatly changes how people interact with the player.  

I'm going to wave my magic

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I'm going to wave my magic wand and say let's make it a Temple quest, based out of Vhul. Almas Thirr, as the likely Temple questhub for this area.