Menaan Interior #2


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Menaan Interior #2
Khajiiti ex-slave’s house.
The Khajiit has a settler status and a land deed which he got from the Imperial govt in OE. In that sense he's under Imperial protection and they Hlaalu folks can't just outright kill or enslave him. Rather than killing or enslaving, the Hlaalu just want the Khajiit to leave, but he's too stubborn to give in to their 'gentle prodding' and they're not quite bothered enough to risk causing an incident by removing him more forcefully. He will offer the PC a bed but will strongly advise him to skip town instead.

Exterior can be found in “Menaan” cell in TR_InDev


I’m claiming this. Does the

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I’m claiming this. Does the northmarker get added in this stage of development or later when it is merged and the door connected to the exterior?

The northmarker should be

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The northmarker should be added now. Don’t stress too much about getting the direction to line up with the exterior, as that can be fixed by the reviewer.

I am not seeing a flat topped

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I am not seeing a flat topped version of ‘de_drawers’ and related conatiners in the construction set. If there isn’t one already can someone make it?

Finished and ready for review

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Finished and ready for review. I am still debating about whether i should have more stuff in the house, so if i need to i will.

Clean: YesMatches Exterior:

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Clean: Yes
Matches Exterior: Yes
Northmarker: Present, rotated to match exterior.
Illegal To Sleep Here: Set.
Lighting: Good.



Added a 'TR_' prefix to the cell name.
Removed one of the copies of bk_BriefHistoryEmpire4.
Replaced the T_IngFood_Grape_01 instances with an ash yam and a comberry sprig; while they're low-value items, I can only imagine shipping grapes to Morrowind would be a rather complicated affair and this is one of the poorest houses in Menaan, after all.
Replaced the light_de_lantern_05_200 refs with 128-radius versions, removed one of the light_de_lamp_128 refs.
Added another tapestry to cover the wall where I removed the lamp.
Adjusted the position of the lantern on the table to reduce overlighting.

Nice little int. As you say, it’s a bit sparse; I don’t think it’s much of an issue, though. TR could probably do with more interiors with a closer-to-vanilla ref count.


i double checked and i

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i double checked and i rotated the northmarker incorrectly, as the entrance door had a rotation of 270 degrees.
The correct rotation is: 142.3 degrees