Menaan Interior #7


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Menaan Interior #7

The town's smith. A very shady character, and attention should be drawn to that fact, without it ever being made clear why precisely he’s shady. Generally he – as a tradesman – appears out of place in Menaan save for his shadiness. He may have rendered some not-quite-legal services to the governor and was given the house both as a reward and so that the governor could keep an eye on him, but that only raises more questions, such as what those services were and why the governor keeps him around rather than silencing him. Come to think of it, he could be the governor’s favourite hitman, though again that shouldn’t be made clear. He will trade with the player, but will only offer a relatively small selection of his wares for sale.

Exterior can be found in “Menaan” cell in TR_InDev


I’ve uploaded the file now. I

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I’ve uploaded the file now. I didn’t end up changing the position of the bonemold longbow – any adjustments I made just worsened the problem. Sorry about that!

For future reference, is there a guide to cell name / file name conventions I should be using?

Kevaar's picture This for new objects you create.

Cell name: not sure, since I don’t do interiors. Since houses are named after their NPCs and we don’t have NPCs named yet for Menaan, you can probably get away with a placeholder.

File name: doesn’t matter, as these disappear when the file gets merged into the release. Though it’s a good practice to use version numbers and keep backups of older versions.

The standard we’ve been

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The standard we’ve been following for cell names at the moment has been “TR_” + [Name of interior claim], so for this one “TR_Menaan Interior 7” or something similar. As long as it starts with a TR_ prefix and contains the name of the town and number of the interior, it should be fine.

Woops, my bad, I just

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Woops, my bad, I just realised there was a ‘put up for review’ button that I needed to press. *facepalm*