Menaan Interiors #3 and #4


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Menaan Interiors #3–4
Garrison Tower & Storage Tower

#3. Garrison tower. Contains bunks and other ameneties of the local guards (there are probably three or four of them including the captain). 
#4. Storage tower. Contains storage and armaments, and maybe a small cell.

Though two different interiors the towers are connected by an exterior bridge, forming gate of Menaan. To keep them stylistically similar they’re in the same claim.

Exterior can be found in “Menaan” cell in TR_InDev


I’d like to claim this. Will

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I’d like to claim this. Will use de_p, though if it’s considered kosher I’ll give the captain’s quarters some de_r furnishings as with the “Western Guard Tower South” cell in Balmora. 

Granted! Sorry it took so

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Granted! Sorry it took so long.

Plan sounds fine! A small jail cell would be appreciated. Use TR’s version of the de_p set (tr_furn_de_p...) as it’s easier to work with.

This one is done. I’ve

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This one is done. I’ve cobbled together some statics to imply a mechanism for the external gate, hopefully it doesn’t look too hokey.

So long as this is in review

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So long as this is in review limbo, I’ve made a couple of small edits that came to mind while working on Rats’ Menaan ints. Namely, I’ve replaced the cell door with an actual cell door, and changed instances of ‘furn_woodbar_01’ to ‘ex_hlaalu_pole_02’. Patched to use Tamriel_Data, as well.

Whoa, not gonna call this one

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Whoa, not gonna call this one flawless just yet, but at first glance the interiors are looking pretty close to perfect both in style and in execution.

TR_Menaan Interior 3 Clean:

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TR_Menaan Interior 3
Clean: Yes
Northmarker: Yes
Lighting: Consistent with vanilla Hlaalu interiors
Illegal to Sleep: Yes

T_MwDe_Furn_Vs1Scroll : on the upper floor. Not technically bleeding, but close enough to the round rug I had to really eyeball it.
misc_uni_pillow_01 -- upper pillow of the first floor bunk bed bleeds a little too much into the bed.
steel staff --the side without a grip floats slightly over the wall rack it's on.
stack of sacks under the keg on the lowest floor bleed into each other.

Style mixing:
T_De_Furn_Tapestry_10 --Redoran tapestry, by the coloring and symbols? Question mark.
There are a bunch of lavasquares floating outside the interior's gamespace. Not sure what this is for..?

There's a shelf on the midfloor without anything on it, would suggest removing or adding some clutter as otherwise it's dead space.

Spinning wheel placement in the hallway is strange. Realistically speaking, this doesn't seem like a big enough place for someone to comfortably work, and there's no skeins of yarn to store their finished work on.

TR_Menaan Interior 4 Clean:

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TR_Menaan Interior 4
Clean: Yes, as above
Northmarker: Yes
Lighting: Good
Illegal to Sleep: Yes

iron sparksword -- back of the blade end floats from the supporting wall rack
bonemold long bow --one end floating? very hard to tell with how it's curved
sacks on the crates on the bottom floor are all somewhat bleeding into each other
com_sack_02_pos -- round sack in corner by shelf is bleeding into wall
bonemold_bracer_left -- I swear these look like they're bleeding, but they're not. Forgot how weird dropped bracers look
upper floor sacks also bleeding
crate_02 -- the two crate stacks on the upper floor are very close to one another, to need a double-take to see if they're bleeding. Would move apart slightly

Style mixing:
Again with the lava squares.

Nicely done!

I've fixed the bleeders you

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TR_Menaan Interior 3
I've fixed the bleeders you mentioned (keep in mind that sacks can bleed a little).
The tapestry looks like a generic one to me, not sure what gave you Redoran vibes. TR's been House-agnostic about placing it thus far, anyway.
In_Lava_Blacksquares are used to cover up things that shouldn't be visible on the minimap (architecture pieces that clip outside the interior, in this case)

The spinning wheel is supposed to represent the exterior gate mechanism; I've added another rope running from the wheel up to the ceiling to make this a bit more clear. I can try something else if it looks too obviously like a spinning wheel. I added a little clutter to the shelf, too.

TR_Menaan Interior 4
Fixed the mentioned bleeders, and reduced the bleed on the sacks.

Was never moved to "Finished"

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Was never moved to "Finished" i.e. Ready for Merging. Will adjust that particular status name as it's become outdated and inconsistent with others.

In any case, merging this as it looks good.