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Premise: An old lady living in Old Ebonheart has been complaining of rats in her cellar. But she is old, blind, and a bit batty, and it turns out the “rat” is actually a velk. Intended to be a low level Fighter's Guild quest.



Old Ebonheart, Fighter's Guild low-level quest

Assets Needed:
customized interior for the old lady’s house and basment
Old lady NPC (any race but Dunmer, also sells perfumes, velk nectar, and/or flower alchemy components)
Syvvit Tong velk nectar seller NPC in Vhul

The player gets this quest through part of the Fighter’s Guild. Rolling his eyes, the questgiver says an old crazy lady has been complaining of rats in her basement. They grumble about a similar incidence of this in Balmora and how the adventurer supposedly almost got killed taking care of those rats, and how he hopes the player won’t have the same trouble this time. (AKA, have fun with this reference. The dialogue can also be sensitive to whether the player has completed the Balmora quest, so they have a chance to verbally defend their prowess in this conversation).

The player goes to meet the crazy old lady, who is crazy and keeps getting sidetracked asking the player if they want tea, and that there is nectar in the basement to sweeten the tea. If the player asks about the rats, the lady only responds in confusion and says they’re unusual rats who keep ruining her flowers. She tells the player the rats must be fed up with smelling like sewer and so does not mind them lending them her perfume, but the neighbors have begun to complain about the noise.

When the player enters the basement, instead of finding perfumed rats or nectar for tea, the player instead finds a live Velk! scattered around is empty bottles of perfume and unrefined velk nectar. The Velk is the thing that has been getting into the old lady's flowery perfume, for the old lady hasn’t been feeding it properly and it has been desperate for sustenance.

The player has a choice:

[1] They can kill the Velk. The Fighter’s Guild steward will give them the full reward for this, though will be surprised it wasn’t rats after all. The old lady will have a massive drop in disposition towards the player, and screech at them for bloody murder whenever the player talks to them from here on out.

[2] Convince the old lady to release the Velk. The old lady refuses any kind of persuasion, saying she’s grown rather fond of her perfumed rats and who then will feed them nectar? She also babbles she used to get nectar from a “nasty rat” of a Syvvit Tong dealer in Vhul, but he recently raised the prices and she decided to get “other rats” to supply the nectar instead.The player has two ways of convincing the old lady to part with her velk:

--[2a] Offer her gold so she can get some sugar (ordinary table sugar, not moon sugar) to sweeten her tea with instead. The old lady quibbles that sugar is expensive as the Dunmer don't use it themselves and it must be imported from the West, and so demands enough gold to cover the costs. Should be the expensive option, 300-500 gold.

--[2b]  The player can go to Vhul and convince the dealer to lower his prices for the old lady again. The dealer is frightened by having a Fighter's Guild representative show up, as it turns out selling velk nectar to outlanders (or anyone other than Indoril nobles, really) is illegal, and he was taking advantage of the old lady's craziness to offload an excess of nectar from the latest harvest. (The Indoril economy is highly controlled, so  he was trying to skim off more profits than is his allowed share this way). He offers to buy the velk if the player agrees to be quiet about his involvement, and offers to give the player something a little extra for their silence.

After choosing one of these two options, the release of the velk is implied, and the player can return to the Fighter's Guild Steward for their full reward.



Well, it's not a crazy old

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Well, it's not a crazy old lady's house, but Bitter-Wind Home has a cool basement area that would work nicely here I think. It's home to Hjerl and Katka Bitter-Wind; a retired sailor and spouse.