Mourning Their Passing (FM Quest #1)


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Two possible ways to start this quest:

[1] The Dissident Priests send a dream sending to the player, asking them to return to Holamayon (use the same coding as the Dagoth Ur sendings). Once in Holamayon, the Priests say they are now turning their attention to building the New Temple Order, and ask the player to go to Simine of Necrom as a possible candidate to kick things into action, who they hear has been starting to question her faith.

[2] Alternatively, Temple faction members receive a courier from Alvu Sareleth, the Matriarch of Necrom, who says she is worried Simine is losing her way, and wants the player to check in on her.

Either way, the player is then to speak to Simine. Simine says she is worried about a group of Ordinators in Mourning who went out to deal with some troublesome Ashlanders and never returned. She asks the player to check on them for her. At this point, the player can either return to Alvu, or go find the Ordinators. If the player returns to Alvu, she asks the player to go ahead and find the Ordinators anyway, "if it it will help put SImine's doubts to rest".

The player finds the Ordinators who have been holed up in Drakehold. They are reluctant to speak to the player and seem extremely jumpy, but after a little persuading, the following story comes out: The Ordinators were officially sent to deal with some Ashlanders who were part of the Nerevarine cult and becoming increasingly aggressive. Though the confrontation with them was meant to be peaceful, it got out of hand, with either the Ashlanders or the Ordinators picking a fight (it isn't clear which; different Ordinators will say different things), and the Ordinators ended up killing all the Ashlanders. The ancestor spirits are now angry and have been making their displeasure known to the Ordinators through whisperings and dreams.

The player can [1] convince the Ordinators to return to Necrom to face justice [2] convince them to flee [3] convince them to renounce their faith in the Tribunal, which will cause them to leave the area (+1 to global variable BoethiahRep) [4] take justice into their own hands and kill all the Ordinators (+1 to global variable MephalaRep). If the Ordinators are killed, an Outcast's Ringlet is found on their leader's corpse. Otherwise, the Ordinators give the player the Ringlet to bring back to Alvu to placate her in light of the other endings. They do not tell the player what the ringlet is for.

The player returns to Alvu, who takes the ringlet and asks the player to go check on Simine again while she considers these developments. Speaking with Simine and telling her what happened will not assuage her doubts, but she thanks the player for at least looking into the matter. If a reward is given, it should not be gold (as this is materialistic), but something that would prove useful to the player.

--The Ordinators in Mourning have not yet been placed in Drakehold, and is handled in this claim.
--The Burnt-Out Ashlander Camp will be created as part of a separate claim, as it is for flavor and not necessary to the quest's implementation.
--Outcast's Ringlet should be created and added to the Ordinators' inventory. Note what ID you used, as it will be used in later quests.
--Make a note of where in the dialogue the mentioned global variables are updated, but creating them and the script that uses them will be implemented in another claim.
--Alvu and Simine already exist in Necrom. See parent claim for their personality and motive descriptions.
--Although the Ordinators ask the player to give the Outcast's Ringlet to Alvu here, this option should be blocked until the quest "The Outcast's Ringlet" is offered later in the series.