Obainat Yurt #4


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-1, -22; Coordinates: -2595.362, -178396.625, 1898.478

Yurt #4 on this map: http://i.imgur.com/jUMsuaB.png

The wisewoman’s yurt. Considered to be the leader by most tribesmen, as the Gulakhan and Ashkhan spend most of their time bickering and fighting. She’s old and weary of leading the tribe, and current predicaments aren’t making things any better. Some herbs should be spread around her bed to aid in dreaming.


Requesting this claim. Lots

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Requesting this claim. Lots of herbs and low-level alchemy stuff about. Some cushions and a kind of cozy feeling. Herbs hanging from the ceiling, chimes... the whole new age vibe. You know, "wise woman" stuff. 

Founded in 2006.

Clean: Yes Northmarker: Yes!

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Clean: Yes
Northmarker: Yes!
Lighting: Good
Illegal to Sleep Here: Yes

Upright bugshell near firepit bleeds slightly into floor.
Bugshell being used as a bowl near firepit is balanced on one end (seen from side), tilt.
The firepit bleeds into the floor, but I see you were doing that to get rid of the ash around the rocks. Some of the rocks still look flattened, so needs lifting up just a hair.
Table legs bleed into the uneven surface. Er...good luck, lol.
Sack propped against barrel bleeds into barrel.


Misc. Comments:
A lot of furniture in here for an Ashlander. As I mentioned in Discord, there is a possibility of combat happening in this yurt from a quest, so it might be good to remove some. The benches in particular seem out of place and could probably be removed; the stools might look better turned into small round cushions.

Otherwise, good job. I hate when I have to get nit-picky, as you do good work.

Original modder MIA. I

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Original modder MIA. I removed some of the stools and replaced with cushions, fixed the other issues I found (put sack in to hide offending table leg because...yeah, good luck getting the legs perfectly even on that yurt floor). Should be good to go, unless someone else wants to check my work.

For future reference,

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For future reference, bleeding a little into the floors of yurts and de_shack interiors is ok (as well as mudcave and BM_cave interiors).