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Summary: The Old Ebonheart Mages Guild has the reputation of taking in rookie mages otherwise intimidated by the Dunmer culture permeating other Mages Guilds on the mainland (such as the Telvanni in Firewatch, or the Redoran in Blacklight). For this reason they have attracted many hapless apprentice-rank mages trying to make a name for themselves, and failing in various ways. Through these quests, the player gets to clean up after them.

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Quest 1: Guars and Guards
A town guard is sold a suspicious amulet by a new mage in town, that appears to be sapping his intelligence.

Quest 2: A Watery Fate
A hapless Breton has fallen down the well. The player helps get him out of it (or not).

Quest 3: To Catch a Cold
The player is sent to kill a frost atronach that the Breton in the preceding quest let loose. Then, the player must cure themselves of a "cold" they supposedly caught while fighting the frost atronach.

Quest 4: Ghost in a Gem
The player is asked to find a missing member of the Mages Guild. This member was slain by a necromancer and trapped in a soulgem. The player decides what to do with the soulgem.

Quest 5: Watch Out for the Blight
The player is sent to Ildrim to help a mage and her apprentice study the history of the area. They learn of the strange curse afflicting the ashy pass to the east of Old Ebonheart in the process.

Misc Quest: Don't Touch My Gems!
This can be picked up at any time. The quest has already been made, just needs to be cleaned up a little.