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A questline for the Thieves' Guild in Old Ebonheart. See child claims for more details and claiming.

The quests take place in the Old Ebonheart Section.

1. The Eye of ArgoniaThe player gets tested by Cap’n Fentus as he sends the player chasing a non-existent artifact.
2. High-Flying PlansPlayer is tasked with robbing Dwemer schematics from the Imperial Navy, moving unseen in the sewers.
3. Facing EvictionPlayer helps a poor commoner settle her debts with a gang of loansharks.
4. Thieving RivalryPlayer is sent to retrieve an item in an ancestral tomb that another thief is trying to steal too.
5. A Message from Mister DelagiaThe Thieves Guild’s local rival gang sends the guild a threatening message by killing their mark.
6. Infiltrating the GangPlayer is tasked with infiltrating the rival gang to help a kidnapped associate escape and put an end to the gang’s activities.
7. Why did it have to be Spiders?With the rival gang gone, the player is tasked with rescuing the thief who previously tried to one-up them from a tight spot.
8. An Empress' RansomPrevious deeds return to haunt the Guild as the leadership gets jailed; the player is tasked with finding an artifact that could be use as ransom; the annoying one-up thief returns for the one final time.

NOTE: these quests make up the main plotline for the Guild in Old Ebonheart. In addition to these quests there could be some low and mid tier quests preferably set somewhere before quest 5.




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