Roth Roryn: Ancestral Tomb #2


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A haunted and mostly untouched Indoril ancestral tomb that’s been abandoned for some time. Most of the offerings should appear slightly more ornate and cultural than what’s typical.


Proposed description: A

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Proposed description: A haunted and mostly untouched Indoril ancestral tomb that’s been abandoned for some time. Most of the offerings should appear slightly more ornate and cultural than what’s typical.

Requesting claim. Any

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Requesting claim. Any guidelines on size? As a newer interior modder, I am only fairly certain that I am not supposed to add npcs/monsters/leveled monsters but I wanted to clarify that was the case. Regardless, I would love to work on this as these tombs were my favorite aspect of exploration in the original game. 

You can add monsters if you

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You can add monsters if you also add path grids for them. But keep in mind that this is supposed to be one of the easier areas (Roth-Roryn).

As for the size you're free to decide on your own if no limits are stated in the description.

I'll probably skip the

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I'll probably skip the monsters for now, but will be happy to hand in the tomb. 

Alright, here is Roth Roryn

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Alright, here is Roth Roryn Ancestral Tomb #2. The large final chamber is the tomb of a wealthy Indoril couple, and the location of the tomb's shrines- one to St.Nerevar and one to Almalexia. The tomb's a little more ornate in the sense that it has a frescoe, some impressive stairways, and tomb braziers spread throughout for lighting, while the quality of offerings is mostly up to snuff- although some are symbolic and wouldn't be worth much to most adventuers. Particularly there is a small burial for an Indoril wizard who was fond of Sotha Sil and offerings mostly consist of fire petals and fire salts (I assume he liked righteous fire?) 

I added a few touches I don't normally see in tombs, namely the addition of one old rug and one Indoril tapestry (these are Morrowind's proud "undisputed" rulers after all!) and generally the whole thing should feel a little more grand even if no larger than what you find on Vvardenfell. It's clear these guys kept this thing in good repair while they had and didn't intend to lose it- though now it most definitely is lost. I didn't set "illegal to sleep here" because I figured no one else probably went down there in the last two hundred years. One area I am concerned with is the lighting. Is it too much or too little? Vanilla wasn't a super consistent guideline and tombs seem to have a lot of variance. 

Final note: I've been calling it "Savani Ancestral Tomb" in my game until I renamed it at this submission and would be honored if the name was kept, but it's not super important. 

Clean: Yesllegal to Sleep

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Clean: Yes
llegal to Sleep Here: Good
Lighting: Unusally bright, got lowered
Northmarker: Good




The doors weren't placed properly into their doorframes.
Moved an altar to not interfere with enemies moving through.
Added a pathway to the entry so that there will be less issues with the exterior.
Added enemies and path grid.

Personal Preferance:
I removed the empty doorframes because that's too unusual IMO.
Added additional skeleton parts (T_Glb_Var_Skeleton) to the ash pits.
Added Indoril Bonemold Gloves to an altar.
Added a candle to an altar.
Created a custom chest.

I really like this little tomb, the sound placement is excellent!

I've placed some furn_mist

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I've placed some furn_mist statics onto the ashpits, otherwise this looks good; marking as ready to merge.