Roth Roryn: Ancestral Tomb #6


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A small and bland Redoran tomb, mostly untouched by outlaws.


Claiming. What offerings are

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Claiming. What offerings are usually present in a Redoran tomb? I assume that they are more combat-oriented.

Claim granted. As for

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Claim granted. As for offerings, herbs, foodstuffs, simple weapons seem to be the norm. Trophies from past battles perhaps, but as the description for this one says bland, I'd be careful so as not to go overboard.

In general, I'd say things

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In general, I'd say things that seem like they have a story behind them. The value of the object is less important than how it was acquired and the story it tells. The broken weapon of a worthy foe, an amulet that has been in the family for a long time, a random reward from a superior for a task well accomplished, that kind of thing. Even trinkets like bugshells or bits of amber might have had some importance to their owner, and as such could be worthy of display.

Finished and Ready for Review

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Finished and Ready for Review. The Daedric Heart may be a bit much, either replace it with an equally interesting ingredient or lock the door.

Clean: YesNorthmarker:

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Clean: Yes
Northmarker: Present 
Lighting: Good


Adjusted the altars across the interior to be gridsnapped at consistent depth from wall. 
Replaced sc_greaterdomination (way too high-value) with sc_oathfast.
Put a level 30 lock on the door leading to the daedra heart & amber.