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Velothi monastery. “A new interior should be created for the building at [-3, -18]; a monastery dedicated to St. Aralor whose monks are mostly ex-Camonna Tong thugs. Maybe built on the location of the cave where Aralor was trapped and rescued by Almalexia? Remember to add the back entrance to the shrine of Aralor in the exterior.”



Can't we fix the old int? It

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Can't we fix the old int?

It's rather well done for the most part, just the lower level being quite odd with the vivec parts and a few other misused things.
The size could also easily be adjusted if that's an issue.

Big long Sunday meeting

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Big long Sunday meeting summarized: the old interior we want to recycle into Iliath Temple, but otherwise it's too grand and doesn't match the exterior/location.

Finally got around to taking

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Finally got around to taking a look at this.

The exterior isn't the easiest to fit a shell to by any means, but personally, I feel as though the shell looks a bit too 'grand' at the moment. I'd prefer the monastery to have more of a humble, compact feel. Conversely, I wouldn't mind seeing the cave section extend further towards the monastery. I feel as though the current rock shrine might be a bit too reminiscent of Maar Gan, though that might just be me. Maybe have the rock right beside the entrance to the cave section, where it was rolled out of the way a la Jesus?

Ah, sorry about that! I did

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Ah, sorry about that! I did go a bit overboard! I've culled the middle and lowest floors, and am working on compacting the rest of the layout. I'll upload a modified shell soon.
I was a bit unsure about the rock shrine; my initial idea was to have a few preserved cave elements in the monastery proper, but it did end up as a rather bland Maar Gan. I like the tomb of Jesus idea!

Uploaded a new file with a

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Uploaded a new file with a more-or-less complete shell (though still very rough in places). I can probably compress this down a bit further; if the cave-rooms are over-the-top, then I can probably fit the monks living-space into the second floor of the tower.

So far so great, I love your

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So far so great, I love your use of roots and the room that emulates Velothi cave dwellings.
In some ways, the front and back of the monastery clash a little to me, with (relatively) fancy furniture and comfortable accommodations in the front and hammocks and bedrolls and stony ground in the back. I'd consider at the very least replacing the chairs with stools. However, perhaps this works or could be made to work with their characterization; that they do not display their penetance outwardly, as they are not trying to prove anything to others. I'd consider having guest beds out front.

I was thinking along those

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I was thinking along those lines (in regards to not displaying their penetance), but on second thought de_p looks better in this interior and the transition was a bit sharp as you say, so I've swapped the _rm furniture out in favour of _p.

Putting this up for review;

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Putting this up for review; there seems to be a problem with the script moving the secret door at the bottom of the dormitory, Morrowind complains about being unable to find the reference for the wall mesh, but it works in OpenMW and I haven't been able to figure out the problem so better for more-experienced eyes to give it a look, I think.

Are you sure that you checked

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Are you sure that you checked "References Persist" when editing the object? If so, then that's the extent of my knowledge and I can't help.

Clean: Yesllegal to Sleep

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Clean: Yes
llegal to Sleep Here: Good
Lighting: Good
Northmarker: Good


light_de_lantern_03_200 (this one was very naughty sirrah! cheeky)


Removed TR_Mainland dependency.
The doors weren't placed properly into their doorframes.
Replaced the "furn_shrine_aralor_01" with the activator version because there seems to be no reason as to why it wouldn't be usable (?).
Included script worked perfectly with OpenMW.

Personal stuff:
Added an Amulet of Shades and 100 Gold to the hidden shrine chest (reward felt underwhelming IMO).
Placed some items in the lowest bedroom to make it look less empty.
Placed a few Temple Dome mushrooms in the natural cave part.

Excellent job sirrah, this monestary is really well executed with a lot of quite unique looking bits and a nice puzzle smiley