Seeking Their Counsel (FM Quest #2)


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Both Simine and Alvu are disturbed by what happened between the Ordinators and the Ashlanders, realizing that something must be done about the waning faith in the Sacred Lands. They decide to summon Alandro Sul and try to get out of him for once and for all the story about what happened under Red Mountain. This quest may be picked up from either Simine or Alvu, though they give two different reasonings for why they are summoning Alandro Sul:

Simine's perspective: For years Simine has assumed the Ashlander traditions regarding Nerevar was just a bunch of nonsense, but with the return of the Nerevarine, she is now starting to wonder otherwise. She wants to summon Alandro Sul to get the full story "from the mouth of the horse".

Alvu's perspective: Alvu has been getting increasingly angry with the questioning of the Tribunal after the Nerevarine has appeared. She wants to summon Alandro Sul to disprove the Tribunal's guilt in murdering Nerevar: it's intentionally unclear if she really wants to listen to what Alandro Sul would have to say, or just find a way of silencing or coercing him to say what she thinks the Temple needs to hear to maintain their faith.

To summon Alandro Sul, the player needs to find some ringlets of his legendary Wraithmail, which are traditionally held by the Ashlanders. There will be four rings in all to obtain. This quest remains open in the player's journal while the others are completed (see child claims).

The player is first sent to speak to the Ashlanders about how to get the rings. Most Ashlanders will tell the player to ask a wise woman if they like the player enough (80+), or tell the player to get lost with varying amounts of rudeness if they don't. The wise women will relate the history of the ringlets (see about halfway down, for reference), but will go on to say most ringlets have lost their potency over the centuries and from the act of being passed along to so many generations of Ashlanders. They say some ringlets had been lost early on though, and so may not be weakened. Because these ringlets are lost, the player will need to talk to the ancestors to find them, specifically Peakstar. As Peakstar is an Ashlander, an ancestor ghost, and a Nerevarine, she is connected to both the player and Alandro Sul in a very special way.

Optional: Ashlanders with "Sul" in their name give unique dialogue about how, yes, they have a ringlet, but cannot give it to the player for various reasons (excuses).

To summon her, the player is advised to go simply to the Cavern of the Incarnate and talk to her...

Optional: Peakstar tells the player a legend about how four Ashlanders were each waylaid by an avatar of the House of Troubles and lost their Truth, in the form of an earring, to the Bad Daedra. Peakstar explains this is a parable for the four ringlets. 

Peakstar gives the player the location of one ringlet (the Schemer's Ringlet). She says Boethiah and Mephala know the location of two others and the player will have to please the Princes with their actions, hinting that they will have this opportunity while they go about getting the Schemer's Ringlet. She ends with saying she believes the player already knows the location of the fourth ringlet already...

The obtaining of each ringlet will be handled in a separate quest (see child claims). They symbolize both the four corners of the House of Troubles, as well as how these aspects apply to Alandro Sul himself. Once the player has obtained all four ringlets, they are to return to either Alvu or Simine, who asks them to meet them in the Necrom basement. This then progresses to the Summoning Alandro Sul scene ( ) before moving on to Quest #3.

--Alvu and Simine should be disabled at the end of this quest. Their movement to the Necrom basement will be handled in the next quest claim.
--Peakstar's optional legend comes from the asset browser: