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Compilation of the HIGH LEVEL quests to be given out at the ALMAS THIRR TEMPLE. Merging the individual quest claims and putting them in the correct order for promotion and rank ups should be handled as part of this parent claim.

There will be two quest givers in Almas Thirr, one that gives out these (which involve a lot of travel and some higher level areas) as well as one that gives out more local quests to do with the Thirr River conflict (not designed yet, will be handled in another claim). The NPC that gives these out is an Ordinator in Mourning (leave off the helmet so we can see his face, also so that the uniform's special-ness is limited to Necrom and does not seem so out of place in Almas Thirr).

Quest #1: A Flooded Tomb (reworked to be introductory pilgrimmage to Necrom)
Quest #2: Ashes to Ashes
Quest  #3: Forgotten (this should be given to the player by the Necrom NPC who finished out the last quest, and then lead to a locale in Roth Roryn, to save the player some fedexing around the province)
Quest #4: May She Rest in Peace
Quest #5: The Face Stealer



what should the cutoff for

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what should the cutoff for rank be? how much rank should these quests give? everything else seems pretty good to go other than the face stealer not having a dungeon / cool face asset

i'm also considering putting in a neat quest where once you get the indoril ceremonial dagger from ashes to ashes the quest giver sends you down to perform a ritual at the almas thirr bloodstone shrine where you cut your hand and pour the blood onto the shrine to signify your wickedness is thrice slain and you are devoted to the temple (currently the bloodstone shrine doesn't do anything). 

I'm brainstorming what to do with the questgiver ordinator in mourning. He's going to be a very VERY serious person, but I can't tell if being sent to Almas-Thirr is a demotion or a promotion. I think it's probably a promotion but the questgiver is really pissed because he wants to be in Necrom forever. When these quests are finished he should relocate back to a Necrom office having been promoted once more. I'm not 100% on ordinator rankings (they're just temple guards in the CS) but I assume they have a rough hierarchy and some duties are considered to be more prestigious than others (guarding the bones of your ancestors vs sending someone to fetch ash)

Ranks--the rank requirements

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Ranks--the rank requirements are really pretty pitiful in vanilla, but I'd look at starting these quests at rank 5 (Curate) at the least, and progressing to rank 7 or 8 (Diviner/Master) at the most.

I don't know anything about the bloodstone shrine, so I couldn't comment beyond that it sounds like something that should be left to the low level Almas Thirr quest design, as Ashes-to-Ashes is already pretty well put together. (The low level Almas Thirr quests should deal with more local stuff, such as this shrine, the purpose of Almas Thirr to begin with, etc).

For an Ordinator in Mourning being posted in Almas Thirr--it is probably not as prestigious (being posted in Necrom takes the cake), but an Ordinator takes their duty seriously wherever they are. They may hope to get to Necrom eventually and grumble a bit about keeping the faith going for the locals, but also in there is the sense that they are the prime caretaker of the dead for that area, which is a honorable and compassionate job.

2017-5-14 ashes to ashes done

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ashes to ashes done, speaker for the dead mini quest done, flooded tomb like 80% of the way there

leave comments here and ping me on discord :)

edit: you have to be a curate in the regular temple to get the quest from the almas thirr monastery

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Reposting old comments from chat if needed: