Temple: Ranyon-Ruhn questline end plug to Necrom


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The last quest in the Ranyon-Ruhn Temple questline still leads to a dead end - “go to Necrom, the Holy City of the Dead, and report there that a cult of Molag Bal has been discovered” – with nobody to talk to. It can either get temporary closure or stay unfinished for the years to come.

Solutions in order of increasing effort:

- remove the line that tells the player to go to Necrom and report something, since there is nobody to talk to there

or - add generic dialogue in Necrom directing to a NPC, and dialogue from the NPC acknowledging the report (and in the future pointing to the Necrom Temple quests/initiation if not yet found)

or - as above, and if/when the player is of high enough rank or level, give a quest to clear out that cult's underground lair (interior available, place somewhere and add enemies)

or - as above, but having to talk to scouts/witchunters and track down the location first


Forgot I'd already made this

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Forgot I'd already made this months ago, combined them.

Given her rank and part in the Foul Murder questline, Simine Turethi could be a good candidate for the person to be (eventually?) directed to in Necrom - give her some Temple relevance outside of that one storyline's needs, less one-note - but would need to also direct to an alternative NPC in case the above storyline gets her killed. Other candidate " Erendes Hlevran, the Marshal of the Ordinators-in-Mourning " with the same caveat.