TR_i3-591-Imp (Old Ebonheart Sewers & Raathim Ancestral Tomb)


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I want to review this, but I

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I want to review this, but I'd need to know roughly where the exit and entry points in the city are, I think.

Here are the five entrances

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Here are the five entrances from exterior to interior; hope this helps. I can also provide an esp file where the interiors are linked to the exterior if that’d be easier. The sewers can take a while to wrap one’s head around.

I’m unable to upload stuff

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I’m unable to upload stuff due to the site claiming that the files are ‘too large’. I’ll try n get the image uploaded someplace else and post a link later today!

For clarity: I am no longer

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For clarity: I am no longer reviewing this. I didn't have enough time and feel another would do it better.

In that case I'm taking this

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In that case I'm taking this off review and putting it back into development real quick. We have some new assets that could be of use in the sewers. 

Changed status now, I assume

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Changed status now, I assume this was already meant to be back to review given this comment and the date on the last file
edit: Rats has just uploaded latest file, thanks!

I think it's safe to say this

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I think it's safe to say this interior is among the most high-priority interiors of TR at the moment; it's been in the making for years and it has seen at least three different redos. 

The interior is a rather massive complex, so reviewing it is no small feat. In the interest of speeding things up here's a list of interiors that have been salvaged from a previous version of the sewers and have been once reviewed before. They have seen relatively minor edits, mainly around entrances and don't necessarily have to be reviewed so thoroughly:

  • Old Ebonheart, Sewers: Central
  • Old Ebonheart, Sewers: Clandestine Sanctuary
  • Old Ebonheart, Sewers: East
  • Old Ebonheart, Sewers: Maintenance Room
  • Old Ebonheart, Sewers: Thieves' Guild Hideout
  • Old Ebonheart, Sewers: West
  • Old Ebonheart, Sewers: Upper Tower

Following interiors are totally new:

  • Old Ebonheart, Sewers: Eastern Well
  • Old Ebonheart, Sewers: Lower Tower
  • Old Ebonheart, Sewers: Tower Bridge
  • Old Ebonheart, Sewers: Waste Pit
  • Old Ebonheart, Sewers: Western Well
  • Raathim Ancestral Tomb, Burial of the Empress
  • Raathim Ancestral Tomb, Hall of Kings Past
  • Raathim Ancestral Tomb, Lichgate
  • Khalammu Grotto

Two interiors ("Old Ebonheart, Sewers" and "Raathim Ancestral Tomb") are left intentionally empty; they are there for dialogue filtering purposes.

Since there's still quite a bit for one person to review perhaps the task could be shared?

(Truth be told, I wouldn't be totally against just merging the sewers as-is, so we could finally have people test how they work in-game. Whatever bugs or mistakes there are could be fixed as they are found as we continue the work on Old Ebonheart.)

I would agree on merging as

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I would agree on merging as is, too. This is obviously of a good quality, and only playtesting and the likes will pick up on any real issues. In terms of regular review, this doesn't need any. It's good to go.

Hold on, I can give this a

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I'd suggest that we fully NPC this claim before merging it, considering the gigantic size of it.
Otherwise it'll end up blocking other progress for OE since only one file can be worked on at a time post merge.

Clean- Yes Khalammu

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Clean - Yes
Northmarkers - Set
Lighting - Good

Khalammu Grotto

OE, Sewers: Central


Repositioned a not-quite-aligned bc_muck ref.
Raised in_cave_plant00 refs to get the cattail above water level.
Added a second upright platform to each of the side-ramps leading out of the sewers.

OE, Sewers: Clandestine Sanctuary
sc_paper plain


Replaced the vertically-hung landscape painting with a portrait; I hope I wasn't messing with something intentional here, but it seemed like an error.
Added blacksquares.
Removed erroneous name at end of TR_m3-591_TalosSkel_script.

OE, Sewers: East


Added a rock to cover caspering root/rubble refs.
Added additional terrain_bc_scum_01 to fill out map.

OE, Sewers: Eastern Well

OE, Sewers: Lower Tower
Scaled down terrain_bc_scum_01 to fit better on the minimap.

OE, Sewers: Maintenance Room

OE, Sewers: TG Hideout
Redid blacksquares.
Not actually accessible currently, but I assume it's going to be unlocked through the TQ questline.

OE, Sewers: Upper Tower


Raised in_cave_plant00 refs above water-level, or replaced with in_cave_plant10 where appropriate.
Replaced a couple of moldcave refs with their mudcave equivalents.

OE, Sewers: Waste Pit
Changed RotateWorld to Rotate in TR_m3-591_pitcrank_script, cranks were rotating on the wrong axis.

OE, Sewers: West

Repositioned Light_Com_Candle_11_01 to prevent overlighting.

Raathim Tomb, Hall of Kings Past

Added some rocks in the corner near the entrance to stop the player getting stuck.

Really superb; this is an incredibly fun interior. Without question the best interior I've reviewed. The layout flows from area to area seamlessly and there's so many great little details throughout. The secret rooms are great, and very well obscured. All the little scripted details are fantastic, (I particularly liked the trap crank in Sewers: West with the dead adventurer at the bottom)
The Raathim tomb is amazing, entering the empress' burial really feels like a significant moment, and the sarcophagus itself is great. The roots breaking through the walls in Khalammu Grotto (I like the Khalaan allusion) are wonderful.

I've added collision meshes along the edges of the ex_imp_dock sections to prevent the player looking through the mesh, which happens very frequently when swimming in the main sewer regions.

I removed the unused "TR_act_pull_rope" activator and an unused sign activator for the Grand Chapel Catacombs.

The Shade of Moraelyn in the "Hall of Kings Past" cell doesn't initiate combat; changing the setfight value via the urn script doesn't seem to work, so fixing that one is out of my league.

Thank you for the nice

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Thank you for the nice comments and thank you  for reviewing this!

re: Moraelyn. Originally I meant for the lich/ghost to have some dialogue after which it would either attack the player or go back to rest. I couldn't come up with anything so I left it for the future. But I guess we could just set the creatures default Fight to 100 for an easy fix?