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(-1,-21) Cave 

Coordinates: -1899.327, -171320.141, 3750.202 

A critter-filled crystal cave. 



OK, first update is done. I

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OK, first update is done.
I have put some thoughts into this and started with doing the end area of the dungeon first. There’s a hidden home of two older powerful Dunmer brothers who live there. It’s basically their resort where they can do what they want while being completely undisturbed. They’ve a lot of adventuring behind and are basically have no more need for money. Their favorite brotherly practice is to abduct outlandish (mainly Imperial; who they hate the most) women and use them as sex slaves in their jail. That is until they get bored of them, then they kill and despose of them and capture themselves new ones. Perhaps there could be a related quest regarding missing women in and around Old Ebonheart? It’s close by. Let me know what you guys think.


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A new update of happenings has been uploaded.

Maybe make the hiding place

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Maybe make the hiding place look more like it was carved into the earth, adding rocks and other natural elements, instead of just the plain Velothi-style?

I think that the loot here is far too uber to be found in this part of the game world. 

Thanks for your feedback. I

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Thanks for your feedback.

I don’t know, adding rocks to the interior would look like it’s a poor construction?
Perhaps you can show me an example of what you’ve in mind?

The loot is certainly good; above average for the region, but nothing extraordinary IMO. You also have to defeat two strong enemies to get it; and it’s a typical design of Morrowind to include some areas that are too difficult at first, where you’ve got to return later when you can beat the enemies.

I mean something like this: 

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I mean something like this: 

The loot is rather extraordinary though, isn’t it? Unique armor and weapons that are worth over 150k. The cavern is located in a zone that shouldn’t have this kind of loot or enemies this difficult.

That doesn’t look so bad

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That doesn’t look so bad after all, I’ll see what I can do.

Have you never encountered the caves Zainsipilu (level 9 Orc with Steel Battle Axe and level 7 Nord with Nordic Battle Axe amongst others) or Hassour (level 16 Dagoth Favon plus several Ash Slaves) though that are literally just a few cells from Seyda Neen? Try doing them with a new low level character sometime :)

So, I think there should be exeptions in difficulty and loot, this was clearly the case with Morrowind and it’s an interesting design that we should keep to some extent.

Agreed, exceptions are

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Agreed, exceptions are sometimes needed lest the game become too predictable and boring.

IMO the loot is epicly uber, but I don't want to be a massive dick and make a huge issue of it. I'm gonna trust your judgment.

The cave's second room can indeed serve as a (Fighters' Guild?) quest location.

I updated it to use the new

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I updated it to use the new PT_Data and I did make some adjustments for you because I like you and you’ve the upper hand ultimately anyways smiley

So I replaced a few items with lesser ones, lowered their entchantments and values and I also increased the door lock level to 90 to keep weaker players out and kind of warn them that there is a more difficult area beyond.

Just a small update

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I just did a small update concerning one of the items since this hasn't been reviewed yet.

TR_i4-517-Hla Clean-

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Clean- Yes
Illegal to Sleep Here- No
Northmarker- Set
Lighting- Good

misc_de_bowl_glass_yellow_01 x2

in_py_rock_01 x2



Added blacksquares to i4-517-Hla2 interior.
Added rocks to cover the water on map behind wall leading to i4-517-Hla2.

Nice cave! It would definitely be worth targeting the locked-off area for a late-game quest (MT writ?).

My reviewed file has the three artifacts requiring merges seperated out; don't load it without also loading i4-517-artifacts.esp, and don't merge until those artifacts are in Tamriel_Data.