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(1,-25) Velothi Tomb 

Coordinates: 8500.924, -199693.484, 2825.178 

An abandoned and neglected Indoril ancestral tomb. 


Claiming. Since this is the

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Claiming. Since this is the first tomb that i have made, are there any reccommendations? also is the size of the tomb up to me?

Granting! All I’d recommend

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All I’d recommend is to make the tomb seem abandoned but slightly more decorative than the average, since it belongs to an Indoril family. Also, the tomb goes right into some pretty large mountains, which leaves for lots of potential space. So you get to pick the size.

from the 12-04 meeting it was

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from the 12-04 meeting it was decided that Indoril tombs in this region should have more cultured offerings and more urns than ashpits. What kind of items should i use for offerings? Also, should there even be ashpits?

An excellent question about

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An excellent question about the offerings. I would suggest certain flowers (Noble Sedge, Fire Petal, Timsa-Come-By Flower) that have special meaning to Indoril (see external link: A Nobleman’s Garden) – other flowers are fine too, if you find some that look appropriate (though perhaps not the Black Rose, that’s a bit western IMO). Enchanted amulets or rings also come to mind. If you feel like it little scrolls or inscribed plaques/stones with religious epitaphs or poems would be nice, too. One “offering” could also be the skeletal remains of the dead Indoril nobles’ servants: a code of honor dictates that dutiful servants follow their deceased lords.  These skeletons wouldn’t be just laying around – they’d would’ve died in a dignified pose, like sitting. Or the servants' ashes in urns under the master's ashes.

If you’re making a relatively small tomb, I would avoid ashpits altogether to make the distinction between Redoran and Indoril tombs clearer. In a medium or a larger tomb, maybe one ashpit right at the entrance?

Thank you for the lengthy

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Thank you for the lengthy response. I will have to change some of my layout but nothing too major.

Is there any way to fit the

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Is there any way to fit the ashpit into this room without it bleeding? (pictures below) (sorry for them being large used copy/paste to put them in) The ashpit is as scaled down as the consturction set will let me.