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Rift Pass [-32, 4] #4 See map:

Lodging for travelers. Offers beds, food and drink. Imagine caravans to travel through here between Morrowind and Skyrim, from both sides.

Miraclestone’s latest file, which I’ve patched to be dependant on Tamriel_Data, is available to work off of.


Warning: This is currently

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Warning: This is currently not a border pass anymore. There is no pass on the Skyrim side!

The Exterior will be largely the same, just somewhere else, acting as the stronghold of St. Felms, a major pilgrimage site in the Velothi Mountains.

As such, the interior as it is can and will be used and the claim is granted.

Update Overview -Added the

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Update Overview

-Added the Office cell from Miraclestone's last file into the claim (although I cut out the library section), and significantly cluttered it.

-Fixed several more rotation and bleeding errors in the Storage cell.

-Changed the lighting settings of the Office and Backsection cells to that of the Tavern cell.

-Changed the position of a light in the Backsection cell.

Submitting claim for review

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Update Overview This is a

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Update Overview

-Fixed rotational issues associated with several objects in the Loftrooms’ cell.

-Fixed numerous bleeding, floating and rotational issues in the Tavern cell.

-Fixed numerous bleeding and floating objects in the Storage cell, as well as rotating and adjusting specific objects to fit the uneven surfaces they rested on.

-Completed the Backroom cell; I added in the light settings (copied them from the Loft rooms cell), significantly cluttered one of the areas of the cell with numerous containers (I envision this particular area as serving as a sort of "overflow" storage area, with tavern supplies, and other odds and ends that didn't fit in the main storage area being placed here). I also completed the unfinished area at the end of the cell by turning it into a corridor that leads to a doorframe that is blocked by snow (this was necessary to cover up some caspering issues caused by the presence of a neighbouring snow object that bleed over to that area).

-Removed the dwemer coins from the storage area, as they're illegal and probably shouldn't be displayed so publicly.

-Ticked "Illegal to Sleep Here" for all four cells in the interior.

-Cleaned several dirty edits out with TESAME (I wasn't sure about cleaning out TR_act_button_Rift_Pass because it appears to be linked to the portcullis in the storage area, so I kept it in there so as to let the reviewer have the final word on this).

Submitting claim for review.

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"As to where the ash comes from.. fuck if I care." -Sload
"At TR, we LOVE our quests to be steeped in lore, so you'd be able to flex your CHIM there just fine." - Nanu
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Great Job Sanguine, I like

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Great Job Sanguine, I like how the cells turned out. I dont have any issues with the changes you listed above and thank you for finally finishing this claim.

I have a feeling though that you were working off of an older file than my final post. Not that that is a big problem but the issue is one of the cells "TR_i5-60-Red_Office" is not in your file. The backroom has a door which led to it. Also the backroom's dead ends were done differently on mine but I think your dead ends are fine.

I think we can simply make another claim for the office room and push forward with the review for what you have. 

Yeah, the version I worked

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Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, the version I worked off of didn't have a cell named TR_i5-60-Red_Office; I saw references to an office area in the old claim thread but I thought (given that there was no office cell in my version) that it referred to the desk in the Storage cell, and just assumed that the door you're referring to linked to an adjacent interior claim; In retrospect I should have clarified this with you as, with the information you just provided, the claim is unfinished in a very fundamental way.

Having had a look at the old claim thread, I realised that the actual latest claim file was only attached to your post, and the version I worked off of (which was provided to me in this new claim thread) was the latest file in the claim browser, so whoever originally transferred this claim over to the new forum mistakenly believed that it (the latest one in the claim browser) was the latest file in the claim. Having had a quick look through your actual latest file, there aren't any major differences other than how you handled the dead-end (which I quite like by the way) and the TR_i5-60-Red_Office cell.

So thanks for pointing out that unintentional omission, I'll go about integrating your work with respect to the TR_i5-60-Red_Office once I have the claim's "Pending Review" status removed (well, if I can get it removed).

Given the circumstances, I'd like to Request that the claim be removed from review, so that I can go about addressing the Office cell; Apologies for the needless difficulties everyone.

I'll also upload Miraclestone's actual latest file (patched by yours truly) so as to avoid any further confusion.

PS: @Miraclestone, I just wanted to say that I'm really impressed by the level of quality you employed in detailing the claim, particularly in the Storage and Tavern cell; Thanks for doing such an excellent job on your end.

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"As to where the ash comes from.. fuck if I care." -Sload
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Oh yeah you are right, my

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Oh yeah you are right, my latest file wasnt uploaded to the claim just my latest post. I'm really sorry and probably should have seen this issue before hand. You've done a great job so far so I'm sure you will do a good job with implementing elements from my last file to make the claim complete. The office cell is the least complete cell in the claim so you'll be able to get creative with it I hope. As for the dead ends on the Backroom/Brokenroom cell you can decide how they are handled, you dont need to implement mine.

Thanks for the compliments on the claim but the Tavern Cell is almost completely done by Sasquatch. Sasquatch also did the foundations and base concept for the Storage cell as well so he defidently is the main reason this claim is so detailed and unquie.

P.S. I think I have an even MORE up to date version I never uploaded on my harddrive but the amount of difference is probably not worth the effort of getting it to you. I think all that is different is that one of the dead ends in the backroom was revamped.

Clean- YesIllegal to Sleep

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Clean- Yes
Illegal to Sleep Here- Set
Northmarker- Present
Lighting- Good

barrel_02 x2
bonemold arrow x3
bonemold long bow
chitin helm
misc_de_redware_bowl x4
misc_com_wood_knife x4
misc_com_wood_spoon x3


Replaced 'com' elements with 'de' equivalents.
Replaced ebony and glass weapons in 'OFFICE' cell with lower-value items.
Replaced grapes in 'OFFICE' cell with holly berries.
Replaced button with a crank, and scripted the gate to be opened/closed by it.
Added blacksquares to 'TAVERN' cell.
Added a couple blue lights to the snowed-in room.

A really phenomenal interior, great work by everyone involved. The 'STORAGE' room is particularly fantastic.

The gate in 'STORAGE' is up by default; the player should be able to activate it via telekinesis, but it would be nice to have an NPC on the other side of the gate that could activate the crank for the player.