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(-20, -2) Shacks

Coordinates: (-162833.391, -15772.991, 2558.615) and (-162394.672, -15158.729, 2662.504)

Farmstead with a storage shack. Both buildings are to be made.

Original claim completed by Wel-Gordhaur, but due to inconsistencies with the exterior it is being reopened.


I’d like to take this.

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I’d like to take this. Currently envisioning a Dunmer mother-daughter pair living in the main shack, the husband having gone off for some reason. The daughter is relatively young and torn between duty (to look after her mother and keep the farm like her mother and grandmother did, assuming this is inherited land) and the daydream of going off to seek her fortune (like she assumes her father has). Lots of domestic clutter. Some military keepsakes from the father? Maybe some out-of-order story books (eg The Real Barenziah 4, Mystery of Talara 2) in the storage hut, hidden away from the mother, who disapproves. 

This is Redoran, yes? The

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This is Redoran, yes? The father could have gone off to fight in the Vvardenfell crisis, be stationed at Ghostgate or similar.

Anyhow, granting!

Update: I've rescinded this

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Update: I've rescinded this claim. I wasn't getting anywhere with it for various reasons and it didn't look like that was going to change in the near future, makes no sense to hoard it any longer than I already have if someone else can pick it up instead.