Vhul, Brewers' Hall


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High Priority

Interior #14:

This is an industry building in which Velk nectar is fermented to become a high-status beverage for the Indoril ruling class called Punavit. This is likely one of the local Indoril lord Ilvi's most prized possessions, and the place should be relatively well-furnished (RM furniture) and looked after.
The velk nectar is mostly harvested in the hamlet of Felms Ithul to the west, and to a lesser degree from wild Velk. The nectar sacs are brought to this interior in bulk, where the nectar is extracted and fermented. From there, the brew is filled into 'market jugs' and sent to Vhul's tradehouse, from which it enters into the Indoril trade network.
The people who work here (a foreman and two or three workers, all Velothi) live elsewhere, so no quarters are needed. If desired, the claimant can add slaves quarters for two or so slaves, but the quarters need to be secure and separate from the precious brew. This interior could also contain an area with votive offerings to the patron saint of brewers (and bakers), Saint Seryn. The interior will offer no services, and mostly exists for flavour/worldbuilding.

A rough shell is attached for the building, (no northmarker or lighting set), due to the way it wraps around other interior claims. This is mainly intended as a guideline for the claimant and can be altered. If more space is needed, a basement can be added as well.

A few tips for claimants: T_De_Drink_PunavitJug is the market jug model. The T_Com_Var_SoupPot_01 asset could pass as extracted Velk nectar. The claimant can feel free to draw inspiration from or salvage elements of the "Ilvi Manor, Brewery" cell attached in the .7z file down at the bottom, as that interior is being retired.