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In valley south of Sailen lives a healer called Nelyn Fethis. (house/tent and NPC would need creation). Nelyn Fethis furiously attacks anyone who approaches with his staff (The npc would have zero Luck and zero skill in Blunt weapon, so you could stand there indefinitly, minding your own business, while he tries to whack you. Also it would be required that he does not speak, because he’s mute, meaning some scripting work is required).

In Sailen, latest rumors indicate that Nelyn Fethis attacks everyone, but because he's had such terrible luck, he's never harmed anyone. The villagers have made it a habit to bring him food every so often (so the NPC's dwelling and surroundings should have evidence of plates and cups and silverware left.) If a guard is spoken to, they ask the player to bring Nelyn to the attention of the hetman Veradul Delvas. Veradul Delvas says Nelyn is a skilled healer who has helped many in their village and so they wish to help him. He asks the player to use a Calm Humanoid spell on Nelyn so they can speak to him without being attacked.

Once calmed, Nelyn passes the player notes and/or a journal explaining how he lost his voice, littered in curse words and anger about the villagers. A new woman had moved to town that Nelyn had believed was a witch. However, none of the townsfolk believed him, saying he was being paranoid, prejudiced, etc. He became angry enough to confront the woman in public, further making him into a laughing stock when she twisted his accusations to appear innocent. Later that night, the woman came to Nelyn under the guise of making amends, and instead cursed him to take his voice so that he would no longer spout lies about her. When Nelyn tried to get help from the townsfolk, they continued to believe he was just being difficult, some joking that he had yelled at the woman so much he had lost his voice, and Nelyn left the town in a rage.

When returned to, the hetman expresses regret about not dealing with the woma. He then says that in his younger years he used to traffic with Telvanni, and knows of a Telvanni mage who collects voices in little jars (an existing Telvanni NPC/house would need to be retrofitted to fit this). The hetman gives the player directions to this mage.

The Telvanni mage would say she could help and that she has already a certain voice in her mind, but that she needs the player to get some ingredients first. She gives the player a list of what she needs, about ten different “ingredients” of the usual weird things a Telvanni would want. After collecting everything on the list, the Telvanni has to be asked again if she'll make the voice using the ingredients. The Telvanni responds with "What? Are you stupid? This is my grocery list!" but then acedes and gives the player a jar named "Indoril Squeak" She says she used the voice of a famous Indoril theologian, though she forgot the name, because they anyways sound all the same.

(The store of the alchemist could actually have a shelf full of those jars, labeled with interesting names such as, “Seductive Godess”, “Hard Negotiator”, “Lovable Sweetheart”, “Intimidating Dremoralord”,  “Elfis Preslyn”, “Uriel Septim”, “Singing Nightingale”, “Leader Of Men”, “Stuttering Idiot”, “Naging Wife”, “Whimpy Scrib”, “Grunting Alit”, etc.)

After that you bring the voice back to Nelyn (some scripting propably needed here, to give Nelyn a "squeaky" Bosmer voice). Nelyn is thankful, and while he still doesn't quite forgive the villagers and chooses to stay away from the town, he agrees to heal any villagers who seek him out. He offers the player his staff as a reward (casts a healing spell or shield/sanctuary on strike perhaps?). When returned to, the hetman also thanks the player and gives them a gold reward.


Is this good as it is? Some

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Is this good as is? Some time ago I had intentions to change some things in the story, while also making this proposal a bit more clear to read, instead of those walls of text. Unfortunatly I haven't currently much time at hand and only check the forums from time to time, but let me now if this needs some changing.

Edit: Scratch that, I just saw that you already tidied up the quest, so I guess everthings fine. :P

No, not really, I just

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No, not really, I just thought the cliffracer snatching his clothes was still somewhat silly, so I wanted to go with something a bit more 'realistic', like an indoril noble woman passing his town searching treatment from a healer. While treating her sprained ankle he boast about his wonderful healing skills. Turns out she's not a noble woman but a witch, so she curses him with a spell that lets him permanently lose his voice. Until he can make the other villagers clear what happend to him she's long gone. But yeah in essence he's still mad at the villagers for letting her escape.

That does make more sense,

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That does make more sense, though maybe rather than "let her escape", the townsfolk didn't believe him, and she cursed him partly to keep him from telling them about it. Let me change this..