Watch-of-Fire Plotline (Parent Claim)


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Master Claim for the Watch-of-Fire Arc, a plotline to be added to the TR_Mainland Quest Pack. See index of quest claims below. These can be claimed individually or as a whole.

Summary: Imperial Legion questline. The player uncovers a skooma smuggling plot among the Legion officers at Firewatch.

Quest 1, Exotic Fauna:
Quest 2, Exotic Fauna Again:
Quest 3, Watch of Fire:
Quest 4, Smuggling in Firewatch: 



For quest pack claims: If you

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For quest pack claims:

If you use common topics, look for placeholder dialog entries containing "BEGIN TR QUESTS PLUGIN" and "END TR QUESTS PLUGIN" and place new dialogue between them - this will avoid later trouble. You'll find the placeholders above vanilla dialogue for greetings, and at the top for topics ("latest rumors" etc).

For the Imperial Legion:

The TR Legion faction T_Mw_ImperialLegion will likely end up switched to the regular "Imperial Legion" faction eventually (see faction unification / legion / merging patch). Assuming this hasn't been done yet when work begins on this, please take the following steps to ensure it gets converted painlessly:

- if you use "T_Mw_ImperialLegion" anywhere in scripts or dialogue results, don't forget to put quotes around it (eg ModPCFacRep 2 "T_Mw_ImperialLegion")

- if you add dialogue to common topics which already include generic Legion dialogue for either TR or the original faction, make sure the dialogue is positioned so that it will still work when its NPCs are part of the vanilla "Imperial Legion" (as a rule of thumb, if you need dialogue to be placed above T_Mw_ImperialLegion dialogue, make sure it's above Imperial Legion dialogue too; & if below T_Mw_ImperialLegion, make sure it's below Imperial Legion too)

- if you place any items with faction ownership, add a note about it in the merging instructions

Claiming this because I can..

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Claiming this because I can...also because work on the other claims is halted until the NPC situation in Roth Roryn can be figured out!

Note to self: endind should

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Note to self: endind should refer the player out to Fort Darius in Gnisis (so as to play nice if the factions get merged), and to wherever the mainland Legion quest continues.