Where Is the Horse Gone?


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This is a misc quest for Old Ebonheart which tries to tap into the idea of an overarching “Last Days of Old Ebonheart” theme that was drafted by gro-Dhal in the old forums. The quest should have its comedic/pompous moments, but the ending should leave a bitter, tragic vibe.




TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse Where is the Horse Gone?

Hormidac Farralie's horse, Roz, has gone missing from the Old Ebonheart stables. After investigating the player will find out that some Ashlanders have stolen the horse and have already, regrettably, eaten it.


Hormidac Farralie, an outlander knight-errant, will tell the player that his beloved Roz, a horse, has gone missing. Farralie tells the player that he traveled to Old Ebonheart to participate in a knightly tourney which was rumored to be held there. Farralie arrived the city on horseback and left the horse at the Guar stables outside the gates under the watchful eye of Unesa Sadrathi, the guar herder, while he himself stayed in an inn. Unfortunately, when Hormidac Farralie went to check on Roz the Horse a few nights ago he found the pit empty: Roz was gone and Unesa Sadrathi had no explanation except that it must've escaped when she was not looking. He asks the player to question Unesa Sadrathi and find out the location of his horse, since Unesa is now refusing to speak to him. Farralie will give the player a well-detailed description of Roz, ”a chestnut mare, mix of a Nibenean courser and a Valusian wild horse, with a tail docked in the Imperial cavalry tradition and crystal blue eyes, and loves carrots and yams” just to make sure that the player ”indeed finds the right horse.”

The player heads to the Guar stables outside Old Ebonheart to speak with Unesa Sadrathi. She says that Hormidac Farralie was wrong to bring a horse into the province in the first place, that the foreign-looking creature was making the Guar restless and that it behaved erratically so it had to be tied to a post in the pit. She will first claim that she has no idea where the horse has gone: she says that it must've jumped the gate when she wasn't paying attention and run who knows where. Of course this is not true: the horse was securely in the pit after all. After the player successfully coerces/persuades/bribes her, Unsea'll admit that Roz the Horse was in fact stolen. She says she has no idea who took the horse, she had been in town buying grain at the time. This is another lie, and after some more successful speechcraft, she'll admit that she was paid by Yavan Ajurnsar and Sainat Hassanibi, two Ashlanders from the Obainat tribe, to hand over the horse to them. The Ashlanders were trading with outlanders in Old Ebonheart and had seen Hormidac ride in on his horse. They had always been curious about the taste of horse, and probably through some obscure Ashlander ritual believed they could obtain some of the animal's noble strength if they consumed its blood. Unesa the begs the player to not tell Hormidac of her part in the incident, and directs the player to a camp just across the Thirr from Old Ebonheart where the Ashlanders are staying.

When the player arrives at the cave they are already too late. Only ashes and bones are left of the horse in the campfire. The Ashanders have eaten the animal, and its skin has been boiled into leather. They will be apologetic and unconfrontational; they admit what they've done, and that it was probably wrong, but also state that what's done is done and they bought the horse from Unesa with honest barter. They will give the player an enchanted Ashlander bow and arrows to compensate Hormidac Farralie for the loss, but ask the player not to tell them where they are in case the silly outlander knight comes after them.

Upon hearing the news of his horse's demise Hormidac Farralie will be both sad and vengeful. The player should have multiple choices to break the news. They can either tell that Unesa Sadrathi was bribed by Yavan and Sainat [OPTION 1]; tell that the horse was stolen by the Ashlanders without snitching on Unesa [OPTION 2]; or just lie that the horse was found dead maybe killed by a wild animal [OPTION 3]. If the player tells about the Ashlanders, Farralie will demand to know where they are and will decline the items they gave as compensation. The player can either reveal the right location or decline to give the location. Declining will result in a severe disposition drop, maybe even violence. Telling Farralie where to find the two Dark Elves responsible will result in Farralie asking the player to take him to the camp. Once at the camp Farralie will thank the player and tell them they've done enough: the player doesn't need to help Farralie against the Dark Elves – just stand back. After that Farralie will confront the Ashlanders, declaring in a menacing voice: ”I am sir Hormidac Farralie of the Knightly Order of the Fiery Hoof! And you... you have robbed me off the thing which I treasured the most, you horse thieves, and I have come to exact vengeance upon you! For Akatosh and all the Divines! For Roz!” Violence will ensue.

Either way the quest will end with Hormidac Farralie broken and disillusioned. He tells the player he's done with the whole province of Morrowind, that he's leaving for good and advices that player should do the same. He feels that there's no hope for the Empire in Morrowind. ”This barbaric land is beyond redemption”, he says. Player will get some knightly gear as a reward, possibly a special long-spear which Farralie used for jousting or a bag full of ash-yams with which he used to feed the horse. Farralie will depart Morrowind, never to return.


WhereIsTheHorse? NPC :

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NPC : Hormidac Farralie

Greeting 1:

Hail, %PCRace! You haven’t seen a horse around have you?

Greeting 2 (Journal 1):

Have you reconsidered? Will you help me find Roz?

Greeting 3 (Journal 2): Have you talked to Unesa Sadrathi yet? She’s the only one who might know what happened to Roz.


seen a horse

My beloved Roz has been missing for three days now! I came to Old Ebonheart following rumors that a grand tourney was to be held here. I arrived on Morndas eve, tired from my journey only to find that the city didn’t even have a proper stables! What they call a tournament here is nothing more than a glorified arena fight, on foot no less! This was no place for a knight such as myself, and for my horse Roz even less so, the poor beast. With no stables, I was forced to leave her among those wretched Guar; disgusting animals! Unesa Sadrathi, the local guar herder assured me that she would be looked after. I should have never trusted that worthless elf! When I returned the next morning I found the Guar pit empty, and Roz missing! Please stranger, will you help me find Roz?

Journal_ TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse 1

Seen a horse (Journal 1)

Please stranger, help me find Roz.

Seen a horse (Journal 2)

Have you found Roz? I can’t bear the thought of her being out there all alone.

Roz (Journal 1-5)

Oh, you can’t miss her! She’s a beautiful chestnut mare, mix of a Nibenean courser and a Valusian wild horse, with a tail docked in the Imperial cavalry tradition and crystal blue eyes, and loves carrots and yams! That fetcher Unesa Sadrathi was supposed to take care of her, and now she’s missing!

Unesa Sadrathi (Journal 1)

That’s the Dunmer that was supposed to watch over my darling Roz. I demanded she tell me what he’d done with her, but she just blithered that IT must have escaped when she wasn’t looking. IT! I explained to her that SHE was a trained imperial warhorse, and would stand her ground against an entire Indoril army, let alone a few stinking Guars in a barn! Now the fetcher won’t even talk to me. I need you to get the truth out of her.

Journal_ TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse 2

Unesa Sadrathi (Journal 2)

The Dunmer who was supposed to look after Roz. I need you to get the truth out of her.


NPC: Unesa Sadrathi

Greeting 1: Standard dunmer greeting

Greeting 2 (Journal >2): Back again? I’ve told you all I know, just leave me alone.

Unesa Sadrathi

Yes, that’s me. What do you want?

Roz (Journal 2, Relationship <65)

Did that s’wit knight send you? I’ll tell you the same thing I told him. The horse must have escaped during the night. It was a stupid thing to bring to Morrowind in the first place. Now leave me alone.

Journal_ TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse 3


Roz (Journal 2-3, Relationship 65-80)

Fine, you want the truth? The horse was stolen. I was busy buying grain in the market, and when I came back the horse was gone. I have no idea who took it or why. Please, I have nothing more to say on the matter.

Journal_ TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse 4


Roz (Journal 2-4, Relationship >80)

Sigh. Very well, I’ll admit it. A pair of Ashlanders came by at dusk, with a fat stack of drakes, far more than the knight was offering to watch the damn beast. He’d been so rude to me, and the purse was large enough that I gave in, and sold them the horse. Please, don’t tell Farralie. The Ashlanders’ names are Yavan and Sainat, from the Obainat tribe. Theres still a chance you can find them before… well…

Roz (Journal 5)

I’m sorry about the horse. It was a mistake. Please don’t tell the knight.

Yavan and Sainat

They’re Ashlanders. They’d seen Farralie ride into town on his horse and, well, they’d always been curious about how it tastes. There’s some obscure Ashlander ritual where they believe they’ll absorb a noble animal’s strength by consuming its blood. The ritual takes some time to prepare, though, so theres a chance you’ll catch them before they’ve finished. The Ashlanders are camped out right across the Thirr from old Ebonheart. If you want to bring the horse back alive, you should hurry.

Journal_ TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse 5

NPC: Sainat.Hassanibi

Greeting: Talk to Yayan. I’m busy. (force goodbye)

NPC: Yavan Ajurnsar

Greeting: Yes outlander? What is it you want?

Yavan and Sainat

Yes, that’s us.


Oh, you mean the horse? You’re a bit late. We’ve already started eating the creature. Doesn’t taste anything like guar, even less like alit. Strange beasts they have in the west. As for our deal, we were under the impression your friend the knight had sold it to the Guar herder. Our trade with her was fair and forthright; We suspected no ill doing. If what you say is true, and the herder sold us what wasn’t hers, then take this bow and arrows to the knight with our apologies. We would, however, appreciate it if you did not tell him where we are. Outlanders tend not to be understanding. Or forgiving.

Receive Bonemold bow of the steed (+15 speed cast when used), 25 Bonemold arrows of fire damage

Journal_ TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse 6

Roz (Journal 6)

She was a good horse. Full of fire. Very nourishing. May her spirit give us strength.


(player goes back to Hormidac Farralie)

NPC: Hormidac Farralie

Greeting (Journal 3-6): Have you found Roz yet? I would give anything to feel her mane again. To hear the rustle of her snout. To see her hooves crush our enemies beneath us as we ride them down. Oh Roz. Please come back to me.

Roz (Journal  6)

She’s… she’s dead? Roz… my sweet Roz…I had a bag of yams waiting for when you came back… How did she die? Who was responsible?

  1. Wild animals
  2. Yavan and Sainat
  3. Unesa, Yavan and Sainat


If choice =1:

She… She ran away? Gods, I never should have put her in that filthy hovel. How could I have been so careless, so stupid? All because I wanted to sleep indoors for a night. This is all my fault. I never should have brought her to this forsaken country. Morrowind! Land of adventure! Land of opportunity! My dreams lie buried beneath the bones of my darling Roz. Goodbye, friend. I’m leaving this wasteland for good. Here, take my lance. And my yams. I won’t be needing them anymore.

Receive: Lance of the Fiery Hoof: silver spear, fire enchant

5 Ash Yams.

Journal_ TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse 7



If choice =2:

They… ate her? And tried to apologize? I don’t want their damn bow! They took the only thing in this world that matters to me, all for some savage ritual and their primitive curiosity. I’ll show them pain. I’ll show them what it means to lose everything! Where are they?!
Journal_ TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse

4: refuse

5: give location


If choice =3:

They… ate her? And tried to apologize? I don’t want their damn bow! They took the only thing in this world that matters to me, all for some savage ritual and their primitive curiosity. I’ll show them pain. I’ll show them what it means to lose everything! Starting with the fetcher that sold Roz to them! Unesa Sadrathi, you’re a dead woman!

(force goodbye, Hormidac Farralie runs to go kill Unesa)

Greeting (while he’s running): Out of my way! Unesa will die! (force goodbye)

(He kills Unesa)

Journal_ TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse 9

Greeting (Journal 9): She got what she deserved. Now tell me, where are Ashlanders who ate my horse?

#(These are the same two options following choice 2)

4: refuse

5: give location

If choice =4

You’re defending them? They’re thieves, they’re murderers! Clearly you are no better. I misjudged you, %PCname. I thought you were my friend. Now get out of here before I kill you.

(-50) relation points

Journal_ TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse 10


If choice=5

Follow me, %PCname! Those wretches will pay for what they did! For Akatosh and all the Divines! For Roz!

+50 relation points

Journal_ TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse 11


(He runs to the Ashlander camp, proceeds to fight and kill ashlanders)

Greeting ( Journal 11)

It is done. Now Roz may finally rest in peace.


You’ve done me a great service. You’ve proven yourself as an agent and a friend. But now, as I stand beside the carcass of my beloved horse, I wonder… What was the purpose of all this? I came to this land seeking glory and adventure. But I’ve found only death, heartbreak, and pain. Roz died for what? That I might win a tournament in a backwoods town in the darkest corner of the empire? I may as well have killed her myself. Goodbye, friend. I’m leaving this wasteland for good. Here, take my lance. And my yams. I won’t be needing them anymore.

Receive: Lance of the Fiery Hoof: silver spear, fire enchant

5 Ash Yams.

Journal_ TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse 12


(If Hormidac Farralie dies at any point, Journal_ TR_m4_OE_WhereIsTheHorse 13)

Greeting (Journal 7, 12). Thank you for help finding Roz. I'm taking the next boat out of this god-forsaken land.  

Roz (Journal 7, 12). I don't know how I'll go on without her.

Unesa Sadrathi (Journal > 6)
The fetcher who was supposed to look after Roz. I hope she rots.

Journal 0. Where is the Horse Gone? (Quest name)

Journal 1. A knight named Hormidac Farralie has requested my aid in finding his lost horse

Journal 2. I have agreed to take up the search for the missing horse. I should start by talking to Unesa Sadrathi, the guar herder looking after the horse Farralie thinks she knows more than she lets on.

Journal 3. I have questioned Unesa Sadrathi, but she refuses to say anything. She is clearly hiding something

Journal 4. Unesa Sadrathi has admitted that the Roz was stolen, but she still seems to be holding something back.

Journal 5. Unesa Sadrathi not only saw the horse being stolen, but accepted money from the thieves. She claims that they are Ashlanders called Yavan and Sainat, and are currently camped out across the Tihrr, opposite Old Ebonheart. Apparently they are planning on eating the horse in some sort of Ashlander ritual. I should hurry if I want to stop them.

Journal 6. I was too late. The Ashlanders had already begun eating poor Roz. They were very apologetic, offering a magic bow and arrows to Farralie in consolation. However, they ask that I do not reveal their location, as they fear the knight’s wrath. I should report back to him immediately.

Journal 7. I told Farralie that Roz was eaten by wild animals. He didn’t take it very well, but rewarded me with a magic spear and a bag of yams. He plans to leave Morrowind for good.

Journal 8. I told Farralie that Roz was stolen and eaten by Ashlanders. He demands to know where they are

Journal 9. I told Farralie that Unesa Sadrathi sold Roz to the Ashlanders. Enraged, he sought her out and killed her. Now he demands to know where the Ashlanders are

Journal 10. I refused to tell Farralie where the Ashlanders were camped. He was upset, and angrily told me to leave. I should not expect any reward.

Journal 11. I told Farralie where to find the Ashlanders, and he rushed forth and slayed them. I should talk to him, and see if he’s clamed down.

Journal 12. Farralie’s rage has given way to remorse. He blames himself for Roz’ death. He rewarded me with a magic spear and a bag of yams. He plans to leave Morrowind for good.

Journal 13. Farralie has died in combat while trying to avenge his fallen steed.


Notes: I tried to follow the description as best I could. Stuff I omitted:

A lot of the exact wording of Farralie’s quotes. I found it hard to fit into normal dialogue

Unesa talking about how the horse was being erratic and tying her up

Farallie’s war cry as he engages the Ashlanders. I have no idea how to implement this, since its not directed towards the player.

If any of these things are important let me know, I’ll try harder to fit them in.

None of the things you

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None of the things you omitted were important. I think you've done a simply marvelous job here! Ten outta ten.

The use of quotation marks is something I would avoid in NPC dialogue, though, and I would replace all semicolons with a --

Another minor thing is that in the first Journal entry I would call him "a knight named Hormidac Farralie" instead of just "a man". 

Uploaded a WIP file.

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Uploaded a WIP file for backup.

File not clean.

All dialogie added, and a spear for a quest reward.

Scripts and a copy of the Knight have also been added in readiness for the scene where he runs off to attack Unesa/the Ashlanders, but I'm having trouble implementing it--NPC AI doesn't happily cross exterior cells. To anyone else who wants to pick this up and tweak things, note that some of the dialogue is currently tied to the copy, instead of the original NPC.

Finished version added, but

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Finished version added, but needs some play-testing.

Added scripts which work through copies of the quest NPC.
Some dialogue tweaked to suit scripting arrangments.
Bow for the Ashlanders added.

Finished and (mostly) play

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Finished and (mostly) play-tested.

--stomped misc. bugs
--added a MessageBox and a yell so the knight's disappearing is not so sudden