Wicked Water Woes


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Premise: A Hlaalu plantation and the Ashlander Obainat Tribe are clashing over a shared river that they both use for water. Each blame the other for causing it to dry up. The player can choose to help a Hlaalu official by killing the Obainat Gulakhan, or help the Ashlanders by killing the Hlaalu official. The Wise Woman also offers a solution that is less violent.

Assets Needing Creation:
Ashlander NPCs (see these claims for existing personalities)
House Hlaalu official NPC
Amulet of Mephala (poison to caster enchantment)
Modified Amulet of Mephala (drain charisma, drain intelligence, constant effect)
Wise Woman’s Favor (drain intelligence, fortify charisma, constant effect)

Details on Plot:




By the way, rather than going

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By the way, rather than going with the generic ‘Hlaalu official’, I’d make the Hlaalu character the owner of the whatever-its-name-is plantation right to the north of the Ashlander camp.

Writer’s block on Illicit

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Writer’s block on Illicit Inspiration, so here are some dialogue pieces for this quest.

First meeting--Hlaalu official


Greeting 5
Ah, @PCname, is it? I have heard of your exploits. Perhaps you can help me with a little Ashlander problem.

I am (name). I set up the plantation here because the water from the surrounding hills provides for ample irrigation, or at least it should. Unfortunately, some Ashlanders have taken to squatting in the hills to the south, and their guars drink the river there dry. My crops suffer as a result.

Ashlander problem
Ashlanders make trouble at the best of times, and the Obainat are proving no different. They were nowhere to be found when we first surveyed this land to start the plantation, but now they are using up all the water that rightfully should go to my crops. I need someone to convince them to move. Will you do this for me?

Choice 1: I will help you.
Choice 2: Maybe later.

Ashlander problem, Choice 1
Good, good. I have a plan all laid out. Take these herbs and hides. I’m told Ashlanders like that kind of thing. Call it a thoughtful gift and they will be sure to see things our way.

Ashlander problem, Choice 2
Huh, probably another guar-lover like those savages. Move along, then!

Generic Obainat Ashlander


Greeting 5
Who are you that walks into our camp without permission?
This is the camp of the Obainat tribe, traveler. What do you want?
(if PC is Dunmer) Your words are strange; your clothes are stranger. You come from the foreigner lands? The House Dunmer corrupt themselves more every day.

herbs and hides, Disposition under 60
You must be joking.

herbs and hides, Disposition 60-80
No, I don’t think so. Go back to the Hlaalu s’wit and tell him we aren’t interested.

herbs and hides, Disposition 80+
I take pity on your ignorance, outlander, for your ways are not the ways of the Velothi or even the corrupt House Dunmer. I will explain. You see these herbs? They are dry and brown, and I could find fresher walking one hundred paces outside of camp. You see this hide? The scales flake from the guar’s skin, for they have been cured without care. (Hlaalu official name) insults us with these offerings. We will not accept.

Choice 1: What else can I do to convince you?
Choice 2: Very well, I’ll leave you alone.

herbs and hides, Choice 1
You are persistent? Perhaps Boethiah smiles on you yet. Take these to the gulakhan if you are so inclined. It is no longer my place to say what to do with you.

herbs and hides, Choice 2
Please do.


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Greeting 5, TalkedTo = 0
You reek, outlander. Say what you want fast, or go away.

herbs and hides, Disposition under 50
You make me laugh.
You think me so foolish to accept a Hlaalu offer?
Go away, you are bothering me.

herbs and hides, Disposition 50+
Maybe there is a gleam of intelligence in your eye after all. The river drying up is not our problem, outlander. The Hlaalu are greedy and stupid. This land cannot support their thirsty plants from other climes. Tell them to leave, and both our problems will be solved.

Choice 1: How do you suggest I do that?
Choice 2: No, I think you are lying. The Ashlanders are the reason for the river drying up.

herbs and hides, Choice 1
Mephala teaches us many ways to overcome our enemies. Give this amulet to (Hlaalu official name). Tell him it is our thoughtful gift in exchange for his.

Choice 3: This amulet burns to the touch. What is it?

herbs and hides, Choice 3
Do not look at me like a dumb beast, outlander. Just give the amulet to the Hlaalu fool. Do I have to hold your hand?

herbs and hides, Choice 2
The n’wah once again prove their foolishness. Are you still here? You buzz like a fly wanting to be crushed.
-- -10 Disposition

Wise Woman


herbs and hides
I take pity on your ignorance, outlander, for your ways are not the ways of the Velothi or even the corrupt House Dunmer. I will explain. You see these herbs? They are dry and brown, and I could find fresher walking one hundred paces outside of camp. You see this hide? The scales flake from the guar’s skin, for they have been cured without care. (Hlaalu official name) insults us with these offerings. We will not accept.

thoughtful gift, player carrying Mephalan amulet
Wait, what is that you are carrying?

Choice 1: I intend to give this amulet to the Hlaalu as a gift.
Choice 2: None of your business.

thoughtful gift, Choice 1
No, do not! Who put you up to this foolishness? (Gulakhan name)? That man will get us all killed someday. No, listen to me, outlander. Whether you are for us or against us, giving this amulet to the Hlaalu would start a war neither of us can afford.

Choice 2: I don’t care.
Choice 3: You have a better solution?

thoughtful gift, Choice 2
Your actions would doom us all.

thoughtful gift, Choice 3
(Gulakhan name) thinks himself clever, but he has none of Mephala’s guile. Give me the amulet, and I will rework its enchantment to serve our needs better. (Hlaalu name) is known for his vanity you see, and this is a downfall I can exploit.

Choice 4: Continue. (fade in/fade out)

thoughtful gift, Choice 4
There, it is done. Follow (gulakhan’s) plan now and do not tell him of our conversation, for I do not wish him to lose face. We Velothi are very proud, and our tribe is in a tenuous enough position without more infighting.

Hlaalu person  

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Hlaalu person


thoughtful gift (default)
A custom among Ashlanders, I’m told. They exchange gifts to show favor. We can make use of this. It is not too unlike how we use bribery.

thoughtful gift 
What is that? The Ashlanders wish to give this amulet to me?

Choice 1: The gulakhan shows you favor, (name).
Choice 2: Yes, but it is a trick.

thoughtful gift, Choice 1
I suppose I cannot refuse a show of gratitude, even if it is from a savage. Does this mean you managed to convince them to leave the river?

Choice 3: Continue

thoughtful gift, Choice 3, gulakhan’s amulet
Wait...this amulet...stings. I cannot…cannot breathe…what have you…?
--Hlaalu dies

thoughtful gift, Choice 3, wise woman amulet
What a quaint amulet you’ve got there. Tourists rather go in for that sort of thing, don't they? It might fetch a good price. Oh, but look how it matches my clothing! You must get more of these, outlander. We can start a trade with the Ashlanders! Our worthless goods for these wonderful amulets, ha ha! No, don’t say anything. Go back and secure a deal with them before anyone else does!

thoughtful gift, Choice 2
I should have expected this. Very well. If they will not respect our claim, we will just have to get rid of them. Kill this—what is he called?--this gulakhan. If that does not teach them, then the rest of them. Off you go, then.

placeholder: latest rumors at

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misc. loose ends, once quest is finished


latest rumors, gulakhan ending, non-Obainat NPCs, non-Imperial
The Obainat tribe has been getting more aggressive. I heard just the other day they attacked a caravan headed towards the (name) plantation. Where are those Imperial Legion patsies when you need them?

latest rumors, wise woman ending
(Hlaalu official) has been even more eccentric than usual, you notice?

latest rumors, wise woman ending, higher rank Hlaalu NPCs
(Hlaalu official) has been making some poor decisions down at (plantation name). If you ask me, the Council should consider giving the reins to someone else before we lose even more profit on his foolish investments.

herbs and hides → should disappear

Greeting 5, Hlaalu official, wise woman ending
I feel so fine! These amulets are quite exquisite.

Greeting 5, Hlaalu official, Ashlanders dead ending → revert to default greetings

thoughtful gift, gulakhan
Did (Hlaalu official) like the gift? [The gulakhan grins wickedly.]

thoughtful gift, wise woman, wise woman’s amulet ending
Thank you, outlander. I doubt the Hlaalu were generous to you, so take this for your part in sparing us from more bloodshed. We are not a people that rely much on gold, but perhaps you will find these potions useful.
--potion of levitation, potion of restore heatlh, potion of restore stamina

thoughtful gift, wise woman, other endings
You have already done enough.

Ashlander problem, Hlaalu official, if gulakhan killed
Good riddance. Take this for your trouble.
--reward (gold?)

Ashlander problem, Hlaalu official, any ending
You solved that one.

unique thoughtful gifts


thoughtful gift, random, Obainat Ashlander
I suppose you are at least courteous enough to ask. With the dry season, the river runs low, and water is precious. The bottles of the House Dunmer are hardier than the guar bladders we traditionally use to store water. Bring me some.

thoughtful gift, random, Obainat Ashlander
Our tribe has fallen on hard times, and I worry for our safety. The steel weapons of the Imperials are famous for their strength. Get me a steel spear or bow, so I can test it out myself.

thoughtful gift, random, Obainat Ashlander
I want an expensive robe. I travelled to Andothren once to trade with the House Dunmer, and they all dressed in such comical colors. My friend does not believe me, and I wish to show him.

thoughtful gift, on correctly giving any of the above
Yes, thank you. I suppose not all outlanders are bad.
--disposition increase

I was just ready to start

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I was just ready to start working on the Impelemntation when I noticed one thing - the ashlander camp is not yet finished... should I wait until the necessary tents are done or should I just add the NPCs outside the tents?

Go ahead and put them outside

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Go ahead and put them outside the tents for now. When you get around to merging instructions, note down which ones need to be moved inside.