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2017-08-01 17:42
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So i followed the installation instructions on the website, using the nexus mod manager to do most of the work. when i run the game i get a mesage saying one or more plugins could not find the correct version of the master file they depend on. errors may occur during load or gameplay read warnings.txt. Im not sure what im doing wrong, all i know is that mod doesn't seem to be working cause the max res i can set my graphics too is 1100 something, and the textures all look the same. Would appreciate any help, thanks.

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2015-09-28 20:13
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"Plugin can't find the correct version of the master file" is just a message the game throws you so you're aware of it. In this case, Tamriel_Data had a new release, so it's newer than TR1609 expects it to be. It will not cause problems.

Setting maximum resolution has absolutely nothing to do with Tamriel Rebuilt.