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A possible voice actor for Nords?

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Ateiggaer's picture
2016-03-14 17:47
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19 hours 13 min ago

Hi everyone, I was watching a let’s play the other day of a youtuber named “GrimpaulCheese”, and I couldn’t help but notice, that he has a voice perfectly suited for Nords. Now I know that for TR, new Nord lines are not a top priority, but maybe someone could pass this on to the Shotn devs?

Here’s his Let’s play series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duecj01Tnvo&list=PL35USdTpeRxjwBm64uwwV3-I9HCw_uq-H&index=2

Miklabjarnir's picture
2017-03-08 03:44
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2 weeks 19 hours ago

Does not sound very Nord-like to me, if we go by the standards set by Skyrim.