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30 Aug 2003

Location: Celibacy

The year 2012 has been a fruitful one here at Tamriel Rebuilt. We've seen releases, staff additions, staff changes, videos released, records broken, work forums emptied due to massive progress, and more! See below for a summary of important happenings throughout the year.

March 19th: SamirA is promoted to Head of Interiors after Cathartis steps down from a fruitful time in the position. SamirA is also involved with other province mods.

April 28th: Tamriel Rebuilt donates roughly $400 to the coder of its website, forums, and claims browser, which are the driving force behind its system. These large works are integral to TR's success, and to its increase in quality year after year.

June 6th: Sacred East 1.0 is released! Sacred East contains much of the Indoril settlements in Morrowind, as well as the holiest location in the province: Necrom, and the city above. Sacred East is the third installment of Tamriel Rebuilt, and is the first installment to be released in the calendar year 2012. The mod was quickly voted Mod of the Month on Morrowind Nexus, and is currently the 3rd most endorsed mod of all time, behind Morrowind Graphics Extender and Morrowind Code Patch. Also a blog post!

July 7th: Sacred East is patched to version 1.1 to include many of the most serious bugs and problems present in version 1.0.

July 26th: The Australian PC gaming magazine, PC PowerPlay, did an interview with Thrignar Fraxix, an administrator at TR, about the mod. Read it in full here!

October 8th: arvisrend (arvythrend on the Bethesda Games forums) is promoted to Head of Scripts, a new strain from the splitting of the "Head of Quests" moderator position. Why, the old Head of Quests, remains on as the Head of Stories. Read more here!

October 10th: Sacred East is patched to version 1.2 to include an innumerable host of small bug fixes and adjustments from the previous version, as well as a few additional quests. As of the typing of this post, Sacred East has been downloaded a total of 34794 times.

December 1st: Discussions and work begin on upgrading the project's archaic forums to a newer, less-buggy version.

December 13th: The Head of NPCs position on our moderating team is reincarnated as the "Head of Characters". This position was filled by Not, affectionately referred to by TR Modders as Notling Smile. Notling joined at the beginning of March and quickly became a regular at TR. Her drive and work ethic are very impressive, and we hope to see her enjoy much success while Head of Characters!

Also December 13th: The Interiors: Reviewing forum, which often goes years without being empty, was swept up in a storm of activity by the aforementioned Not and the also aforementioned Thrignar Fraxix, who is the current Head of Reviewers. This feat is a rare one, and the activity at TR has recently been such that only a few hours passed before there were interiors in the Reviewing section once more.

December 21st: Tamriel Rebuilt survives the end of the world with style.

Work on Sacred East, previous releases, and our next release of Almalexia continues apace. Exterior work is largely completed for our most recent huge undertaking: the redesign of the capital city of Almalexia (interior work is well underway). Many months ago, the city of Almalexia was scrapped entirely, and the re-design was commenced by Nemon, our Head of Exteriors. This new design of the capital city uses variations in height, employs a theme of water versus land, and includes some of the most creative uses of Indoril architecture from anywhere in Morrowind. Additionally, NPC claims have begun for Heartland, which will follow Almalexia in the release schedule. We wish everyone a happy winter time, and hope to see you all in 2013!

- Tamriel Rebuilt Team

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06 Jun 2012

Congratulations, TR Team! To an outsider like myself, it still seems like you have made enormous progress this year; you must be very pleased. Sacred East is amazing, 'nuff said.

Is there any estimated timeframe for the implementation of the new website? Not that I imagine these things are fast, of course.
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Andres Indoril
Senior Developer
13 Jan 2006

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I am slightly amused at how well my nickname for Not stuck. Very Happy

Also, happy new year!


"You guys are no fun, I'll start my own TR with dead children and toy guars!" -Why
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Matin Sanguine
22 Aug 2012

Location: Australia

Andres Indoril wrote:
I am slightly amused at how well my nickname for Not stuck. Very Happy

Also, happy new year!

You came up with the nickname? Seriously nice one!

Also here's to a new year! Even the end of the world can't stop us!
Or stop anything else for that matter, this end of the world is such an amateur *roles eyes*.


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11 Apr 2008


Let's make 2013 just as productive, or even better.

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01 Mar 2012

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Matin Sanguine wrote:
Andres Indoril wrote:
I am slightly amused at how well my nickname for Not stuck. Very Happy

Also, happy new year!

You came up with the nickname? Seriously nice one!

Yes he did, and I've taken a liking to it ever since <3

Not another memory

...And so my bad karma gets worse
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09 Feb 2012

Happy New Year from the OpenMW team! I'm amazed by the amount of downloads the Sacred East mod got. It's like the Morrowind community is growing again. I wonder if MGSO has something to do with it Smile.
Making an Morrowind playable on Mac, Linux, and Windows.
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Lead Developer
17 Aug 2008

Location: Groningen

We may have survived December 21st, but I must say I was awfully worried on January 5th.
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