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02 Feb 2007

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If you have any issue regarding a lack of meshes/textures, and/or a huge swath of error messages the second you set foot near TR lands (Port Telvannis, Firewatch, Helnim, or Kemel-Ze, for example), then you have failed to register the BSA.

To fix this problem:

Open the Morrowind.ini file present in your Morrowind directory and add this line to the [Archives] section:
Archive X=TR_Data.bsa

where X is the next available number. If you don't have any other mods installed that use BSA files, you should see this once the above line is added:
Archive 0=Tribunal.bsa
Archive 1=Bloodmoon.bsa
Archive 2=TR_Data.bsa

Please do not post any messages or threads about issues mentioned above. If you do, your thread will be locked, and we may or may not link you to this post. If you have tried this, and it still failed, say so, and post screenshots/video (links, not direct uploads) in your thread.

Thank you.

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