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This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for the eastern Thirr should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines)

Development Plan

As we have no idea what the version which Rats has checked out looks like, no work on the file can currently be done.

What generally needs to be done is finish the Aanthirin visual overhaul, NPC Gol Mok and replace the ship in the harbour with a boat, replace the interior of the Velothi tower that leads to a Stronghold ruin with the actually intended one, and widen Veloth's Path under the parameters that Indoril-Thirr does.

Link to previous release

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The following instances of

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The following instances of CharGen_* refs should be replaced with generic containers next time this file is worked on:

Indal-Ruhn: CharGen_barrel_01
Mundrethi Plantation, Slave Market: CharGen_chest_02_empty
TR_i4-96-Hla Temple: CharGen_crate_01_empty
TR_i4-89-Hla: CharGen_crate_01_empty


Finally letting this go. The

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Finally letting this go. Had bit of a burnout, sorry for ghosting on you guys.

The region is now orange-y. Fixed/removed bunch of bleeders and floaters around the claim. Merged the following interiors:

_Andothren Hideout
_Andothren Warehouse
_Andothren NW Guard Tower (that's all the Andothren ints merged)
_TR_i4-514-Hla "TEM Prince Helseth"

Let the NPCing of Gol Mok and Andothren begin, I guess?

And dropping. I have fixed

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And dropping. I have fixed the three merged bugs, did some filepatching (I think I missed the trees though) fixed the factions, and then killed the CharGen containers


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merged http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/gol-mok-npcing
-renamed the cells
-locked the doors
-set the ownerships
-tested the dialogue again

removed two scripts for items that don't exist in this section file and were causing errors (TR_i4-385Gate1 & 2)
fixed a script with the wrong npc name that caused errors (tr_m4-piething)
refix the NPC "TR_m4_Geles Todros" greets me with his sword error, somehow it got undone
fixed immetarca script (lady tarhiel) to not run during dialogue, needs more work but it's a lot less messed up now
removed the tr_mainland.esm dependency, tsk tsk minerman

dropping for now, but to do: move the boat in Gol Mok, it has linked interiors so you can move it preferably within the section file

Checked out for looking after

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Checked out for looking after the dialogue problems that I encountered in the September release which might not be fixed here.