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The section file containing the east bank of the Thirr. Mainly focused around the Indoril.


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for the eastern Thirr should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm!

Older versions and changelogs

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Uploaded new file and

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Uploaded new file and releasing -
Deleted bugged dialogue without IDs from "2017-01-19" version and pasted back in dialogue from "2016-10-27" version,
ESPs combined through a Mainland.esm dependency afterwards removed in WryeMash

I'm afraid the dialogue is

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I'm afraid the dialogue is still partially without IDs. Almas Thirr topic for example, but some Greetings are without ID too.

A closer look shows that this happens because the NPCs don't exist anymore. For example, TR_m3_Sandor Ormero was replaced with TR_m3_Andor Orothi, so his dialogue is completely without ID filter. That's in no way automatically fixable, this will have to be done by hand.
Is there a list of which NPCs were replaced and with whom?

Same NPCs with changes in IDs

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Same NPCs with changes in IDs, the corresponding dialogue changes were logically not carried over,
Reapplied the apparent ID changes


to the older file and re-pasted dialogue, same process, version 2017-02-26

Int from 2014

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My int that was approved back in 2014 "i3-763-Ind" is still not included in the most recent version. Is that normal or was it missed somehow?


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After checking out new Almar Thirr, I was pretty surprised by the sheer size of the new interiors. The new canalworks and waistworks are about 1.25x to 1.5x the size of the previous version. The waistworks at least is bigger than the canton exterior. The old waitworks had Vivec canton size and as such fit the exterior. The new one is TARDIS-sized.

Is that deliberate? This can't be right.

My (admittedly biased)

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My (admittedly biased) opinion is that players will accept or not notice the size descrepancy. The liberties taken are reasonable, especeilly compared to something like Ald'ruhn-under-Skar.

The modder formerly known as Yeti.
Head of NPCs - Skyrim: Home of the Nords

As I have mentioned on

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As I have mentioned on Discord, I intend to do some work on this file, preferably still this week.
Unlike my original plan, the siltstrider and boat service will stay put. I opted against moving the siltstrider to the southern side of the canton, as I feel the most suitable (that is, lacking in obstacles and rapid elevation changes) routes for siltstriders all terminate at the shallower north end of the canton:
Destinations clockwise from top left: Gol Mok, Vhul, Aimrah, Hlan Oek
As both travel service providers are currently effectively consigned to their own somewhat secluded corners of Almas Thirr, however, I do intend to detail their surroundings a bit to make them more visually interesting and give arriving players a good first impression.

For the siltstrider platform, I intend to add fishing boats and gear, to imply that the platform is mostly used by the Velothi locals. I intend to make it look crowded and somewhat grimy, but naturally will try to avoid going overboard with the number of references.
For the boat landing, I intend to make it look a bit seedy, and ideally either add or move some outlander NPCs to it. (This could also be done later). It's strictly a place for loading and unloading cargo and stocking up on supplies, and isn't much used by the locals. The people who hang out there are mostly people who don't want to stick around.

Beyond that, if I have the time and energy, I intend to further detail Vhul and Felms Ithil (I think it was called), which I never really finished, and perhaps doing a bit of bug-fixing.

New file up top. Dropping

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New file up top.

Dropping this file for the night. (As I have a tendency to sit on files once I claim them, I figure it's better to only check out a file while I'm actually ready to work on it).

So far, I've mostly finished implementing the siltstrider landing, though there are still one or two kinks to be worked out.

-Added detailing to siltstrider landing
-Fixed a few placement errors around the siltstrider landing, such as a misaligned cliff mesh
-Adjusted the pathgridding accordingly

Still to be done on the landing:
-I forgot to moor one of the rowboats
-in one of the screenshots below, you might notice I used sacks as buoys. I'd like to know if the effect is convincing, in which case I'd probably want to create a new ID to that effect. Also, if I do make a new ID, should the buoy be a container, activator (so that it can be named) or a static?
-I'm tempted to add one or two NPCs to the landing area. Just to be sure, am I right in assuming that we haven't been keeping the number of NPCs consistent with the amount of housing available?
-I'm probably forgetting something else

And finally, some screenshots:

Full album here

Grabbing the file again. Will

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Grabbing the file again. Will update this post with progress at the end of the day.

Edit: Dropped the file again for the night. I'm not sure if I'll be able to work on this tomorrow.

I finished detailing the silt strider landing and the ship travel landing, and added one NPC. More on that below.
My question on the buoys still stands, and beyond that I still intend to add one or two NPCs to the silt strider landing, beyond any detailing and bug fixes outside of Almas Thirr I may still make.

Ship travel landing:

The new NPC is Udine Leland, a Breton sailor who made a short stop at Almas Thirr but quickly regretted the decision. I adjusted several stats to reflect her unusual situation, which I have -- for convenience and because I can -- posted below. As she is not supposed to be a long-term resident of Almas Thirr or Morrowind in general, I also felt the local dialogue to be out of place, and as such have written unique dialogue lines for her to block off most of the default lines, also posted below.

Adjusted AI fields:


Dialogue proposal:


Taking to fix a thing and

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Taking to fix a thing and merge the 2 old quests before the file becomes any more incompatible,
* no, actually, not taking - all dialogue sunken to bottom again. don't have time to figure this out now
* also don't take this file and put any work into it before that's fixed unless you know what to do
edit: dialogue fixed (but don't go thinking this is trivial or at all viable over more extensive edits, still now dealing with the consequences of the previous such fix), taking file for above changes

Dropping, - above dialogue

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- above dialogue positions fixed by pasting back dialogue from v.0114,
- both Dondril quests merged. Consider the "feral guar" and "Galoro Selvor" topics etc as part of the dialogue to be updated, whenever that happens
- reintroduced cell conditions lost in 2017-02-26 fix
(due to changes in Almas Thirr cell names, some because the name is now in caps and between brackets (??), others marked as "cut". also note that a bunch of "Roa Dyr" MH interiors have just been unlinked and left at that

Long ago it was mentioned

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Long ago it was mentioned that the Dondril palisade could be replaced with a single mesh: after some testing with G7's help it doesn't seem that this would do too much for FPS,
even the NPCs aren't the sole cause of performance drops, it could be some of the clutter items around them have poor models. On the other hand using optimised meshes for what little vanilla flora surrounds the village is a noticeable improvement.