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This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for Old Ebonheart should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines)

Development Plan

The Ebon Tower interiors need to be finished and merged, then the rest of the NPCs and Quests need to be developed. The southern field with the Aanthirin flora needs a bit more detailing so that the border between the OE and Indoril-Thirr section is not so obvious.

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File v.0106 is up with

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File v.0106 is up with MinerMan's added room in the Mages Guild for this.

Some things not done: (updated dec 10)
- MG guildhall needs unexpell ring added
- Saprius Entius to wrap up a vanilla quest
- Wrong owner for Old Ebonheart Mages Guild Supply Chest
- Old Ebonheart wayrest painter's house - bleeder frame paintings
- Can start “A Criminal Lawyer” infinitely
- Malarunubi narrow passage collision issues
- MWEdit Script Revisions
- Renewing my suggestion that some NPCs be given cyrodilic clothes from P:C if the style/resolution allows it (nothing overboard since apparently all those available at this time are nibenese, plus you don't want to ruin the novelty in P:C itself, but a cap here and a shirt there on a street merchant can't hurt)
edit: also reposting other comments from the previous OE section page minus what Rats listed as fixed since,


– some NPCs may still be unintended trainers
– it seems a lot of the included general dialogue only covers the "Commoner" class - e.g. most traders, warriors etc... have only the default vanilla entry on rumors, secrets etc.

Guild of Fighters   - coordinates in this post


in_com_traptop_01    Old Ebonheart, Grand Chapel of Talos: Towers    -1328    0    3180    "coming from this trapdoor = sends a bit too far forwards, chin into plants"

TR_sc_m3-278_placeholder    Old Ebonheart, Imperial Archaeological Society: Top Floor   missing assets have been named "blank scrolls" for now




TR_m3_Sallus Pepander    Old Ebonheart (6,-19)    "vanilla isn't respectful of nolore for trader class, many topics - if these aren't supposed to have any other dialogue give them another or make a custom StallVendor class"    

TR_m3_Felmo Ilveroth    Old Ebonheart, Grand Chapel of Talos    "topic 'join the Imperial cult' gives vanilla locations in this cell"    
TR_m3_Neeshula    Old Ebonheart, Grand Chapel of Talos: Towers    "for instance this one does have something else on 'join the imperial cult'"

TR_m3_Uttrashi    Old Ebonheart, Tail Tales    "more loquatious greetings than khajiits but Background is default khajiitspeak"    
TR_m3_Ra-Zihad    Old Ebonheart, Tail Tales    "same"    

TR_m3_Izon    Old Ebonheart, Hostel of Stendarr's Mercy    "is this where freed slaves go? should dialogue indicate that?"

TR_m3_Ahtimbar    Old Ebonheart, Docks (7,-18)    "probably not supposed to be a sneak etc trainer"
TR_m3_Potemus Marolus    Old Ebonheart, Imperial Navy Command Post    "might need nolore"    
TR_m3_Ingirid    Old Ebonheart, Gate: Western Tower    "probably not meant to be a trainer"
TR_sc_m3-771_note    " extra word ''I'm not going there down there'' "


Hi I'd like to add 2-4 new

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Hi I'd like to add 2-4 new NPC's to the OE Fighters guild. It feels empty right now.
#1 would be in the upper level sleeping quarters (probably an argonian who acts like a squire/maid and tries but fails to keep the place clean). This NPC has the added benefit of acting like a guard to prevent the player from mass looting the bedroom.
#2/#3 would be sparring in the basement, which is currently a massive open cell with two npcs.
#4 would be wandering the guildhall

none of them have very in depth dialogue but they sure would make the fighters guild seem larger

10/17/2017 (22:13)    TR

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10/17/2017 (22:13)    TR_OldEbonheart_v.0107.ESP    10/17/2017 (21:53)    skraeling    TR_m3_Reynant Alciente00000000    Old Ebonheart, Guild of Barristers    3830    3946    12034    "typo in 'lawyer' dialogue: 'intricasies'"    
10/17/2017 (22:14)            skraeling    TR_m3_q_OE_CriminalLawyerNote    Old Ebonheart, Guild of Barristers    3992    4003    12034    "this would work better with a specific high rock location"    

Quest "TR_m3_OE_Inspiration":

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Quest "TR_m3_OE_Inspiration":
- Stage 70, "Emlia" -> "Emelia".
- TR_OldEbonheart_v.0107.ESP    10/17/2017 (21:53)    skraeling    TR_m3_Juilecca Suvia00000000    Old Ebonheart, Neel Gymont's Fine Art    127    -788    -126    "topic 'Wayrest painter': replace 'some these ingredients' by 'some of these' to kill typo and avoid duplication"  

Checking this out to fix the

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Checking this out to fix the bugs arvis mentioned as well as fixing a line of dialogue that was at odds with P:C.

Dropping. - fixed the typos

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- fixed the typos arvisrend reported
- added a more specific location "ALCAIRE, HIGH ROCK" to the lawyer's note (TR_m3_q_OE_CriminalLawyerNote)
- changed Mashag_Agum to Mashag gro-Agum and also gave him a weapon
- gave TR_m3_Tienius Cedus a more vanilla-style face. I think we should refrain from using P:C and SHOTN head and hair assets if only for aesthetic consistency's sake. Love the two fighters sparring though.
- fixed a "latest rumor" that previously referenced the count of Leyawiin. Now references the count of Bruma; also made the rumor more rare.
- added NoLore conditions where they were erroneously missing
- added Hammerfell style tapestries to "Hamal's Redguard Goods"
- added a "latest rumor" entry hinting at the "Oh What Customs!" quest
- assigned Faction memberships to IAS and Imperial Navy NPCs
- made "TR_m3_Narusya" stand still instead of wandering around in her shop
- fixed a dialogue bug that caused the publicans to hate you after you rented a room

Uploaded a new version and

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Uploaded a new version and dropped again.

- Fixed a few dialogue filter errors
- Some of the Navy NPCs were erroneusly members of the Western Fleet. Fixed that.

More on the painter

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Sorry, I wanted to post this days ago, but the server broke down...

TR_OldEbonheart_v.0107.ESP    10/17/2017 (21:53)    skraeling    TR_m3_Neel Gymont00000000    Old Ebonheart, Neel Gymont's Fine Art    -114    -830    130    "script ignores stoneware and silverware bowls on player"    

10/18/2017 (19:29)    TR_OldEbonheart_v.0107.ESP    10/17/2017 (21:53)    skraeling    TR_m3_Neel Gymont00000000    Old Ebonheart, Neel Gymont's Fine Art    -114    -830    130    "in 'a new dealer' topic, i think 'equisite' is a typo"    

Checking this out for some

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Checking this out for some sewer merging. Will add generic critters and NPCs as well as some planned ones while at it.

In v.0107:   TR_m3_Cortos

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In v.0107:


Dropping. Merged sewers and

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  • Merged sewers and the Ebon Tower interiors that have been finished so far.
  • Added creatures and a few NPCs into the sewers.
  • Added a round window to the Grand Chapel of Talos; also expanded the chapel undercroft a little.
  • Renamed exterior cell "Old Ebonheart, Ebon Tower" to "Ebon Tower". All the interiors in the Ebon Tower now use that too.
  • Renamed the eight towers representing the Divines after each Divine.
  • Fixed a couple of dialogue bugs.

The NPCs I added to the

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The NPCs I added to the sewers were:

  • Armennu, a vampire who's made "Old Ebonheart, Sewers: Maintenance Room" her lair. Responsible for killing the maintenance workers.
  • Velmu and Rothus two Dark Elves of the Ratcatchers' Guild; wretchedly poor but proud and hard working people who--you've guessed it--catch rats; can be found in "Old Ebonheart, Sewers: East"
  • Hirurgus, a marginalized hermit alchemist, ex-partner of Narusya, a fellow alchemist. Formerly held the Chalice of Ambras, a mortar & pestle artifact, which is now in Narusya's possession. Disgruntled and plotting his revenge.
  • Five guard NPCs guarding the parts of the sewers that lead to important Imperial locations.

five guards NPCs? I thought

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five guards NPCs? I thought the whole point was the sewers weren't full of guards so it was free reign to play a thief in. Maybe one or two but the player should be encouraged to break into these places.

Checking out. Going to remove

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Checking out.

Going to remove some of the guard NPCs, modify their behaviour; link one missing door; add some Ebon Tower NPCs that were already planned, as well as generic guards.

Dropping.  Fixed the bug rot

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  •  Fixed the bugs rot reported:
  • Fixed the OE Census book typos
  • Pathgridded the merged Ebon Tower interiors
  • Added the ghost in Stendarr's Tower
  • NPC'ed some of the Ebon Tower thusly:
      In the Curia building:
      • Ritaria Gravia, a scribe
      • Parandil, minister of treasury; Thaisa Arkaniil & Vettorica Jeralf, aides to the treasury minister
      • Belisatha Mede, minister of justice; Bravilo Julianian, the minister's aide
      • Menervius Venius, minister of Telvanni affairs; Rascar-Zhaal, a Storm Atronach whom the Telvanni have sent to act as their "ambassador" as a mean-spirited joke--doesn't talk in any understandable language.
      • Dels Sur-Enaren, minister of Dres affairs and a former member of House Dres (currently on the Dres' hit-list); Beledas Raalthren, his bodyguard
      • Nerasa Veran, minister of Temple affairs, a former priest of the Temple whom the Temple know considers to be an apostate; Rumus Stannicus, her bodyguard
      • Aramius Marolus, minister of Indoril affairs; Llethe Marolus, the Indoril ambassador who is also the minister's wife, doesn't have much contact with her House anymore. (Their son, Potemus Marolus, is the admiral of the Imperial Navy)
      • Hjortyn Silver-Tongue, minister of Redoran affairs; Maalna Balur, the Redoran ambassador; Svarti Two-Knives, ambassador of the Nord populace of northern Morrowind--doesn't get along with the Redoran ambassador for obvious reasons.
      • Glaucia Rumariil, minister of Hlaalu affairs; Polsirie Dalomo, the Hlaalu ambassador, good friends with the minister and has great influence over her; Rald Hearth-Friend, the minister's aide; Ji'Risdirr, an ambassador for the Khajiit people.

      In the Legion building:

      • Memistean Fellux, a priest working for the Legion and a secret high-ranking member of the Talos Cult (in Akatosh's Tower).
      • Caecalia Victrix, Lord General of the Imperial Legion, head of the Legion in Morrowind; Solius Zenitarion, the Lord General's left hand; Olfvur Steel-Skin, Knight of the Imperial Dragon (every District has one), he is the second-in-command.
      • Aldrianus Drusus, Marten Arcellio & Scaratha; Legion recruits
      • Ulvu Ouradas, a healer
      • Rosia Valo, a gatekeeper
      • Gaulus the Jailor, the jailor at the dungeons
      • Lanian Grivepien, a torturer
      • Kerran, the Legion smith
      • Corvia Sansalas, a Master-at-Arms

      In the Summerset Isles mission:

      • Elteryn of Firsthold, the Summerset Isles ambassador; Armaranco, aide to the ambassador

      Also added a bunch of generic guards in the interiors that were NPC'd.

Just to post it someplace

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Just to post it someplace relevant:
I've gone though the current version of the section file, and found 2 missing interiors which aren't featured in any claims in the browser.

The first one is a room below the Valenwood Mission. Rats told me on Discord it's already been taken care of.
The second is a shipwreck off the coast. There's a finished interior claim on the old forums, which can be found here.

What I did was going through each exterior cell, finding the doors and checking if there's a DoorMarker nearby. Someone with more experience with the CS could tell if it was thorough enough, or there's more to be done.

These objects have 0

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These objects have 0 instances and (in latest file) 0 uses in scripts or dialogue:


Also found a lot of bad IDs:



The ky_stabbyjak is

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The ky_stabbyjak is intentionally not used--he's waiting for the prison interior to be made before he gets placed in it at the end of the Criminal Lawyer. ID should ideally be updated when that happens too

Old Ebonheart, Guild of

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Old Ebonheart, Guild of Fighters:


I'll sort these out. The

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I'll sort these out. The flickering and other errors in the Fighters' Guild have been so egregious, I've purposefully postponed fixing them...