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This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for Old Ebonheart should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines)

Development Plan

The Ebon Tower interiors need to be finished and merged, then the rest of the NPCs and Quests need to be developed. The southern field with the Aanthirin flora needs a bit more detailing so that the border between the OE and Indoril-Thirr section is not so obvious.

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File v.0106 is up with

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File v.0106 is up with MinerMan's added room in the Mages Guild for this.

Some things not yet applied in this section:
- MG guildhall needs unexpell ring added
- Saprius Entius to wrap up a vanilla quest
- Renewing my suggestion that some NPCs be given cyrodilic clothes from P:C if the style/resolution allows it (nothing overboard since apparently all those available at this time are nibenese, plus you don't want to ruin the novelty in P:C itself, but a cap here and a shirt there on a street merchant can't hurt)
edit: also reposting other comments from the previous OE section page minus what Rats listed as fixed since,



Hi I'd like to add 2-4 new

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Hi I'd like to add 2-4 new NPC's to the OE Fighters guild. It feels empty right now.
#1 would be in the upper level sleeping quarters (probably an argonian who acts like a squire/maid and tries but fails to keep the place clean). This NPC has the added benefit of acting like a guard to prevent the player from mass looting the bedroom.
#2/#3 would be sparring in the basement, which is currently a massive open cell with two npcs.
#4 would be wandering the guildhall

none of them have very in depth dialogue but they sure would make the fighters guild seem larger

10/17/2017 (22:13)    TR

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10/17/2017 (22:13)    TR_OldEbonheart_v.0107.ESP    10/17/2017 (21:53)    skraeling    TR_m3_Reynant Alciente00000000    Old Ebonheart, Guild of Barristers    3830    3946    12034    "typo in 'lawyer' dialogue: 'intricasies'"    
10/17/2017 (22:14)            skraeling    TR_m3_q_OE_CriminalLawyerNote    Old Ebonheart, Guild of Barristers    3992    4003    12034    "this would work better with a specific high rock location"    

Quest "TR_m3_OE_Inspiration":

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Quest "TR_m3_OE_Inspiration":
- Stage 70, "Emlia" -> "Emelia".
- TR_OldEbonheart_v.0107.ESP    10/17/2017 (21:53)    skraeling    TR_m3_Juilecca Suvia00000000    Old Ebonheart, Neel Gymont's Fine Art    127    -788    -126    "topic 'Wayrest painter': replace 'some these ingredients' by 'some of these' to kill typo and avoid duplication"  

Checking this out to fix the

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Checking this out to fix the bugs arvis mentioned as well as fixing a line of dialogue that was at odds with P:C.