Tamriel_Data TR Addon



Currently in development

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This is the compiled addon for Tamriel_Data. It is not Tamriel_Data itself, but the files and assets that will be merged with it during its next release cycle.


When fixing bugs, adding assets, etc. Take the latest linked file, merge your assets to the esp, add your assets, then upload a new version.
Do not include an edited Tamriel_Data.esm/esp! This is strictly for merging our changes!

To be Done

There are several deprecated assets in here that need to be cleaned out after merging this ESP with Tamriel_Data.ESM.
In general, they all have the descriptor "<Deprecated>".

  • Old Books
  • The container Amanita Muscaria, its levelled list and ingredient
  • T_Orc_Drink_LiquorUngorth_01. deleted outright