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TR Readme



Currently in development

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This Release File contains the TR_Readme (.txt), the User Manual (the TR_Readme.pdf), and the user manual Source Document (TR_Readme.odt, created with LibreOffice

The Readme should contain the same information as the User Manual, as they are basically the same document, one is just prettier (and bigger) than the other.

To properly edit the Source Document, two fonts need to be installed: Roboto Condensed (Light) and Trajanus Roman.

A further note about headlines: Trajanus Roman has ridiculously wide spacing. Reduce scale width by 50% for only the spaces:

To create a User Manual from the Source Document, export it as PDF/A, bookmarks enabled, with a JPEG compression of 90% and a graphic resolution of 300 DPI. There will be a message about transparency, but that can be safely ignored.

It's advisable to update the Source Document first and the Readme later, as it's easier to paste text with formatting into a document without formatting than vice versa.