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The development file for everything currently being worked on that is not in a dedicated section file (in active development) or in TR_Mainland (released).


Remember to load TR_Mainland.esp when editing InDev. Do not merge InDev with an ESP without also loading TR_Mainland.esm (remove the dependency later with Wrye Mash), or else the dialogue replies will be knocked off!

Older versions and changelogs

Merged Old Claims:
TR_i4-509-Hla (Slave Shack, Aanthirin)
TR_i4-510-Hla (Farmer’s House, Aanthirin)
TR_i4-519-Hla (Cave complex with Daedric Ruins, Aanthirin)
TR_i5-72-Red  (Ancestral Tomb, Clambering Moor)
TR_i4_318-Hla (Arvud, Dunmer Trader)
TR_i4_319-Hla (Arvud, Clothier)
TR_i4_320-Hla (Arvud, Dunmer Weapons and Armor)
TR_i4_321-Hla (Arvud, Guard Tower with bunks)
TR_i4_322-Hla (Arvud, Tradehouse for traveling merchants)
TR_i4_323-Hla (Arvud, Dunmer Alchemist, two interior cells for up- and downstairs)
TR_i4_324-Hla (Arvud, Guard Tower (small))
TR_i4_325-Hla (Arvud, Town Hetman's manor)
TR_i4_326-Hla (Arvud, Inn)
TR_i4_336-Red (Ishanuran Camp, Wise Woman's Tent)
TR_i4_337-Red (Ishanuran Camp, Ashlander Tent #1)
TR_i4_338-Red (Ishanuran Camp, Ashlander Tent #2)
TR_i4_339-Red (Ishanuran Camp, Trader's Tent)
TR_i4_340-Red (Ishanuran Camp, Ashlander Tent #3)
TR_i4_341-Red (Ishanuran Camp, Ashkhan's Tent)
TR_i4_342-Red (Ishanuran Camp, Healer's Tent)
TR_i4_343-Red (Ishanuran Burial Caverns, multiple interior cells)

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There are 7 interiors that

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There are 7 interiors that can be merged:
Menaan Interior #1
Menaan Interior #2
Menaan Interior #7
Menaan Interior #8
Menaan Interior #9
Andothren Interior: Canal Hideout
Andothren Interior: Docks Warehouse
Two of these interiors use meshes that aren't yet merged into Tamriel Data.
Also they aren't marked as "Finished" but instead "Under Review" since sirrah reviewed them, and he isn't a lead developer. (#7 is a special case, as it was made as a showcase).
Finally, the Andothren interiors may go in the Indoril-Thirr section file, but i don't know as i haven't looked at what is in which section file.

Oldforum Kartur ints that cam

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Oldforum Kartur ints that cam be merged: i4-14-Red to i4-58-Red