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This is the claim used to make edits and fixes to TR_Mainland. Do not make changes arbitarily.
TR_Mainland should not break compatibility unless it is structurally necessary.


TR_Mainland is the esm which contains the “finished” parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. Save major restructuring, the landmass contained within is supposed to be fully interiorised, npced, quested, and cleaned.
(see editing guidelines)

Uploaded here is only the esp. Remember to load this when doing edits to the section files or InDev.

Older versions and changelogs

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! That’s fancy. It

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! That’s fancy. It automatically adds assets marked as merged in the browser? I guess I better not mark quest designs as merged or it’ll get confusing fast...

Yes, that's one way of

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Yes, that's one way of keeping track what was merged where. The changelog.txt uploads are supposed to cover the "bulk" changes that are not reflected in the individual merged files.

Incidentally, it just turned

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Incidentally, it just turned out, if you put into other nods that they have been merged into this one, don't keep the release file node open in editing mode and then resave. That erases half of the node references.

Merge assets, claims, bugs, then edit this one.

The 2017-03-17 file contains

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The 2017-03-17 file contains nothing but a lot of bugfixes, so no additional changelog has been uploaded. Changing the travel lines has been postponed until a clear explanation and interest gauge has been done, as per the meeting of 2017-03-05.

Reconstituted changelog

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Reconstituted changelog because must've also included things not marked as merged above:

Slightly misplaced static in Erethan Plantation, Upper Tower interior

T_ScGlobal_LoopTR marked as start script again, which was lost (ex-TR_LoopScript) when data was transformed in Tamriel_Data
so none of the NPCs that relied on TR_MapPos (should be only generic NPCs = guards) had it since 1609?

+ Necrom NPCs for Necrom ownerships and misc bugs

+ TR_misc_pan_01.nif
+ common_robe_03_b

Time to finish this!

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  • Roadsign definitions removed from TR_Mainland, now all in Tamriel_Data,
  • All pseudo-unique books removed from Telvanni Library, replaced with new books from Tamriel_Data,
  • Dialogue filters in for the new regions and cities,
  • Shambalun Veil Region needs to go in and dialogue changed accordingly,
  • That goddamn Silt Strider port
  • Ordinator scripts