Full release, March 2016.

furn_de_r_table_07 in Alt Bosara exterior

At both entrance gates of Alt Bosara, there is a small guard post and registration with a furn_de_r_table_07. This rich Dunmer furniture should be reserved for interiors, better to replace it with furn_de_ex_... table or perhaps even T_De_SetTelv_F_Shelf_01.

On a sidenote, both tables with a cephalopod helmet, inkwell and quill (without parchment) look absolutely identical, so perhaps you could take the opportunity and redecorate both city entrances a little bit. 


I have downloaded the lastest version of TR with Tamriel Data with Morrorwing Rebuilt. My load order is supposedly correct, and BSAs are registered.
Everytime I launch Morrowind I get a warning message, then it asks me if to continue executable, so I did. I started a new save, 3 minutes in and no problems have arrieved yet.
Should I be concerned?
Here is the Warnings.txt message: 

OE Imperial Archeological Society: remove Numidium plans

A lore detail in the Dwemer exhibition of the IGS representation in OE ... 

At first, a compliment for the creator of this place. It captures imperial fascination with Dwemeri archeology in a way I have not seen since ESA: Redguard and also represents cyrodiilic armchair studies at its finest. The interior feels unique, fresh and most creatively designed. Just one minor detail struck me odd from a lore perspective: 

topic overriding

I think topic “running an errand” may hide standard “errand” topic making impossible to go on with http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Morrowind:Sharn_gra-Muzgob (link is external) without addtopic errand by console
possible fix: addtopic errand in the same greeting introducing the “running an errand” topic e.g.

addtopic "running an errand" ; safety
addtopic "errand" ; fix for main quest
Journal "EB_Express" 10
Choice "I'll deliver it for you." 1 "I can't help you." 2

Velk Sound Gen Problem

The sound “T_SndCrea_VelkScream” has been added to Sound Gen without a designated creature. As a result, the sound is treated as a default scream by the engine and is used frequently by other creatures, especially mod-added ones. Serious compatability issue.

bugtracker: bugtracker has no category button

The bugtracker is missing a category button where one could/would have to choose the context of the bug.  It would be far easier to find issues related to certain things if there were one.
Suggestions for categories: general/unspecific, scripting, meshes&placement, quest, OpenMW, CS IDs,…

By the way: we don’t „Create A Bug”, we state them, so the headline ought to be changed into „Report a Bug” wink


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