Gone to Ground Journal Mistake

I helped Straron escape from Tel Mothriva during the quest "Gone to Ground" by providing him with a Divine Intervention Scroll. I went to the Ordinators outside the gate and had the choise to lie to them or tel them the truth. I told them the truth and they said they wanted to kill me but wouldn't  because they didn't want to damage house relations. But in the journal it said I had lied to them and they didn't suspect I had helped Straron.

Not a big prolem but something to fix if you have time.

Zalgothrabu caspering stairs

in_dae_platform_stairs    Zalgothrabu    0    1440    -288    "empty space between stairs and statue platform"
in_dae_platform_stairs    Zalgothrabu    -32    1472    -288    "same"    
in_dae_platform_stairs    Zalgothrabu    32    1472    -288    "same"

Port Telvannis merchants refuse services to hirelings

Service Refusal:

"No Hospitality Papers? That's just typical"
- has no check for item hospitality papers

"Sorry. You need to have your Hospitality"
- checks for Rank difference < 0 or <= 0, (other than that they seem identical),
however the Avenue won't sell hospitality papers to faction members. Merchants should be Retainers and this makes it impossible for low-rank Telvanni players to get services if they didn't get papers before joining. Just replace rank difference with "function same faction == 0"

a dead skar in the Molagreahd?

 Topic:little secret Cell:Ashamul  
 There's the shell of a dead skar in the Molagreahd Channel north-east of Ashamul. Just next to the cliffs behind the little river. You should go take a dive and see it, it's worth it. These shells are so big that on Vvardenfell they've built a good part of the city of Ald-ruhn within one!
 If whatever this is is still there it should probably be called an emperor sea crab and not "a skar"  


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