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Requested, the storyboards and cutscene illustrating what happened leading up to Nerevar's death, and the creation of the mural from the Foul Murder plotline (bonus if you show a bonewalker painting it!). Other things to include may be snippets of a meeting of the Tribunal, past Nerevarines, Dagoth Ur's creation, and the Battle under Red Mountain.

Note this should be impressions and fleeting images of what happened; it should not lay out for certain how Nerevar died or why. It is meant to suggest the gaining of a vast amount of information over a very short span of time, as the Nerevarine gains knowledge about how they came to be, as the player chooses for their own headcanon.

Second Draft, this time with pictures!


[Camera fades in: A dark mountainside with the moons rising in timelapse.]

[The Daedric letters for "DAWN" fade in to the corner, then out again.]
Nerevar: "Dawn."

[The moons pass over in swift time-lapse, and the sun rises.]
Nerevar: "Transition. A time of new beginings--"

[Lensflare, briefly flashing white.]
Nerevar: "--new hope."

[Camera returns to the mountain scene.]
Unknown Chimer: "We are about to breach Odrosal."

[The screen pans down towards the landscape, fading  out to black as it does so.]
Nerevar: [distant, as if a few yards away] "Where is Voryn?"

[Camera fades to black.]
Unknown Chimer: "I do not know, serjo..."

[The next image is rows of Chimer ranks. The camera pans through them.]
[Men cheering can be heard in the background.]
Nerevar: "It was to be our greatest victory."

[As the camera reaches the horizon, the banner of the Tribunal fades into view in the sky.]

[The camera continues until this image is all you see. Then it fades to black.]

Nerevar: "But for me, it would only be dusk."

[Note: This isn't the image we're using; I put this here to demonstrate the kind of art style I'm hoping to get for these next three shots.]

[Painted still: the backs of Nerevar and his three generals, looking down at a battlefield.]
Nerevar: [distant, as if speaking from a few yards away.] "History will judge me, my friend. I do what I must. Would you have done any less?"

[Painted still: Close up on Vivec from previous image. His head is now turned to look at Nerevar so we see his expressionless face.]
Vivec: "..."

[Painted still, blur transition. Same image as above, but Vivec's expression has now changed to an enigmatic smirk.]
Vivec: "Yes... History will judge us."

[Screen flashes white before beginning the flyover.]

[Video flyover of TR landscapes. Linked video demonstrates the concept, but I would like the flyover to be from west to east, over the Thirr River and passing over Necrom, into the sea.]
Nerevar: [speaking to the audience again] "I had a choice to make. Like Veloth before me, I knew what the gods willed. Resdayn's future would be bright..."

[Slowly, runes trickle across the flyover, coming down from the top of the screen. They spell out the 36 Lessons code: "He was not born a god. His destiny did not lead him to this crime. He chose this path of his own free will. He stole the godhood and murdered the Hortator."]
Nerevar: "Then it was all over. [Pauses.] Why did you do it?"

[The runes fade into real words as they reach the last sentence: "He stole the godhood and murdered the Hortator."]
Nerevar:  "Why did you truly do it, my old friend?"

[Screen fades back into blackness.]
Nerevar: "Perhaps I will never know."

[Camera still dark.]
[Moans of a bonewalker and the background noises of Necrom play.]

[The screen slowly fades in to candle-lit view of the mural.]
Nerevar:  "Azura willing, I remember this much, at least..."

For context and more information, see the quest this is to be a part of:


No idea if this is possible,

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No idea if this is possible, but I was up late and put together this as a possible screenplay for the cutscene: