[Region] Aanthirin



Regional Overview

The Aanthirin (“around the Thir(sic)”) is a large, artifical landscape dominated by the river Thirr as it flows out of the Thirr Valley through Lake Andaram into the Inner Sea. The original floodplains were completely destroyed during the forming of the Inner Sea and the repeated floodings of Morrowind, first during the War of the First Council and then again during the Akaviri invasion in the second era. It is bordered by the Ascadian Bluffs, the rocky Roth Roryn, and the devastated Armun Ashlands in the west, the festering Sundered Scar and lush Alt Orethan in the east, and the salty Deshaan Plains and the canyons of the Thirr Valley in the south. The lush landscape hides the vicious power struggle between the encroaching House Hlaalu and the established Houses Indoril and Dres. A center of stability in these troubling times are the temple settlements, most notably Almas Thirr, a city built on top of the location where the prophet Veloth and his followers once crossed the river on their exodus to the east. It counterpoint is (Old) Ebonheart, the centre of Imperial power in Morrowind, which sits at the delta of the River Thirr.

Visual Characteristics

Roads and Settlements