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The Valirian Isles


As a showcase I've made two small islands. One of them includes 3 houses and a small area with a firepit and seating. It currently includes no interiors (since that's not really my expertise) and no NPC's (even though it has pathing). It was made and polished in 30 - 40 minutes. I'm fully aware that more detail can be put into these islands but since it's a showcase I don't want to spend too much time on it and then let it go unused.

"The Town of Auchendale - An Imperial haven in the Ashlands" - Trifxn Showcase


"The Town of Auchendale - An Imperial haven in the Ashlands"
Please read the whole description!

With this mod, I am aiming for an Exterior Developer role for the TR mod. Later, I may apply for Interior Development as well.

This is a TR showcase mod created by me in about 5 to 10 hours. It is a small Imperial town in the middle of the Ashlands of Vvardenfell. Since this is an exterior-only showcase, I have not added any interiors.

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