what to do if you encountered errors and/or bugs


Hello and welcome to TR,

this small guide is intended to give you a short overview of what to try and/or to do if you have encountered something strange or an actual bug after installing TR for the first time or switching to the latest release.
  Depending on whether you’re using original Morrowind or OpenMW, there are a few different steps which need to be taken; see the list below.  Specialities regarding OpenMW are tagged accordingly.

So you just joined Tr...


For new members of our forums. WIP. Suggestions welcome.

Welcome! Please read this first!

As a new member of TR you need to know where to find the most important things.


Our forums are used for discussions. The forums are where we discuss project organization, coordination, and lore, accept feedback, answer questions, and share artwork and ideas. Discussion also happens on our IRC and Discord chat channels and during weekly development meetings. The forums are also used to showcase (see guidlines) to become a CS developer.

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