Interior Showcase

Kyro's Interior Showcase


TR is amzing, I've used it so much over the years. I always want to try and give back and help out but something always seems to come up irl that stops me. I even made a showcase back in 2013 and got accepted. But this time is the right time. I want to see this project completed one day and the best way I can see that happening is if the whole community chips in and helps. So I've made a showcase out of the Hlaalu tileset. I may be a little rusty in the CS as I don't frequent it nearly as often as I used to. Let me know what you think.

Malefactory Interior Showcase


After playing the game a few too many times, and coming back to it after many years, I decided to give this a go. Hopefully, I’m fairly up to par considering I’ve never opened the construction set until now.

Everything is vanilla Morrowind.

And before somebody mentions it, no, the helmets and the spoon are not clipping; I just disagree with their natural placement, so I fit them as best I could by hand.

Oh, and I suppose I should mention it’s named “Malefactory Showcase” in the editor.

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