Help neeeded! Updating our Progress Report!


Alrighty folks, we have to update our progress report page. I’ve gone through and done the initial formatting, and also written blurbs for every section that is actively being updated. I put the correct stage number in for each region.

But! I need help.

I need:

Quest Design and Literature Review Help


This would be an ongoing position. Responsibilities include looking through the Asset Browser and giving a review to Literature and Quest Designs, paying especial attention to those that are marked “Pending Review” or “In Review”. Pieces are judged for how well they fit existing lore and how interesting they would be to the player. Literature reviewers should also point out grammatical mistakes or typos.

Post here if interested!

Help with Meeting Notes


TR needs help with people for the meeting notes. We have an archive of about 10-15 old meetings we recorded back when we were doing that. The meetings range from 1 to 3 hours long and there aren’t notes for some of them. We want to have a summary of each meeting so we can throw out the recordings.

Please help! You would need to:

Old Forum Searching Help Needed


We need help finding information from the old forums to put in our planning documents. The old forum is chock-full of old ideas, and it’s well worth trying to find out the many things TR has already decided.

If you’re interested, you would need to:

  • Go to the old forum and search for posts on a specific topic
  • Write out a summary of the information, in paragraphs or bullet points or whatever
  • Post that summary in a new thread here on the new forums with links to the old discussion.

Some notes:

Tumblr Help Needed


Update: Still looking for help! -10Kaziem 10-19-2016

We’re looking for people to help manage our Tumblr page, as well as our Morrowind Nexus presence and our Elder Scrolls Forums presence, preferably people who are already familiar with these platforms. If you want to help with either one, we would need you to:

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