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Old Ebonheart and Ebon Tower Brainstorming


I thought it would be best if we got back to Old Ebonheart and start brainstorming again, and that OE gets its own forum topic for it.
We're not looking for concepts as OE is already in TR, however we are currently looking for creating more NPC's for OE, specifically high ranking Imperial NPC's in Ebon Tower(OE's Castle), other ideas and suggestions are always appreciated.

Fighters' Guild: Cursing Like a Witch


Fighters’ Guild: Cursing Like a Witch

Short summary: The first quest of the Old Ebonheart Fighters’ Guild. The player must find a way to remove the witch's curse that's been cast on Foedus Locutius, a guild quest giver. The player seeks out the witch and forces/persuades her to help. Turns out that Foedus is not cursed, but possessed by a minor Daedric entity which the player has to fight. The player will also have to make a choice whether or not to kill the witch.

Mages' Guild: Ghost in a Gem


Mages' Guild: Ghost in a Gem

Short summary: This is a mid level quest for the Mages’ Guild of Old Ebonheart. The player is sent to rescue a missing Guild member only to find them already dead, their soul trapped inside a necromancer's soul gem. The player has to decide what to do with the distraught soul with three possible outcomes.

[Old Ebonheart] Misc. Quest : Lo-ve Letter for Hler Sathil


Hello everyone, i’ve watched and played Tamriel Rebuilt for a very long time, and i am very grateful for the existence of this ambitious project. Anyway, i want to contribute some of my ideas for Tamriel Rebuilt Team, which are some writing for quests, here is one of my example :

[Old Ebonheart] Love Letter for Hler Sathil


Quest Giver
Ilsine (A Nord Female in Old Ebonheart)

More Rats


(Not to be confused with Rats.)

Repost fom the old forums. This is a bit of a play on the Balmora Fighter's Guild quest so should have a few fun references for the player, but the NPCs wouldn't know anything about the connection.


An old, somewhat crazy NPC has been complaining about a rat infestation in their cellar, but can't get anyone's help in clearing it out because no one believes them. The infestation turns out to be an infestation of some nasty monster instead.


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