TR's Twitch Channel


Is anyone around here interested in streaming TR-related things through our Twitch channel? We have one, which is inactive right now. I am hoping to start streaming artwork-in-creation sometime within the next month, but if someone else wanted to stream gameplay, or maybe CS work, or something similar, that would be great.

So— anyone interested?

TR's Account on Enjin


Posting this here so I quit clogging up threads elsewhere...

Tamriel Rebuilt now has an Enjin account! If you are not aware, Enjin is a website hoster geared specficially to guilds in MMOs. We are hoping primarily to get in contact with the fanbase of TESO through this website.

Profile Link:

Tamriel Rebuilt's new Instagram


Hello! I’m glad to say that the Tamriel Rebuilt official Instagram account is live, and is doing quite well! The account was started today, and already has reached 100 followers. That being said, if anyone has any suggestions as for what they would like to be posted (whether it's some of your concept art, or a screenshot, ect.), post it in this thread. Also, if you happen to own an Instagram, give our official account a follow, @TamrielRebuilt ! 

(Here's a link to the account:

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