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NoMan's Quest Showcase


Hello TR!

I've been a fan of the mod since Antediluvian Secrets, but I've only been lurking on the Discord server since December. I saw that you guys need more quest developers so I thought I'd try my hand at it!

This .esp is the result of me re-learning the CS, but the primary focus of it is the contained quest. I'm still new to scripting and editing dialog in Morrowind, so please point out any mistakes I've made or ways I can improve.

The Quest for Lute


Here's my mod, the Quest for Lute. Just go to the Eight Plates in Balmora and speak with an Argonian named... well, would you look at that? His name's Meej-Dar! What a coincidence! Anyway, just go talk to him to start the quest.

EDIT: Apparently, I put the wrong file here. I meant to put the clean one. I'm still getting used to TESAME.

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