Tamriel-Rebuilt and MGSO

MGSO & Replacer Conflicts


I just loaded Tamriel Rebuilt 16.12-42145-16-12.7z and it’s TR_Readme.txt refers to MGSO & Replacer Conflicts, and states:

   Users will need to use Slartibartfast’s fix here

I downloaded the above patch and it won’t load as it needs TR_Data.esm. I used Enchanted Editor to change this to Tamriel_Data.esm, but then I get multiple warnings of:

Cannot check "Data Files" in game launcher


Hey everyone, pretty new around here.

Quick question. I’ve followed the installation steps needed to get this mod working. However when I get to the section where I need to make sure the data files are checked in the launcher. I’m unable to check these boxes. I’ve tried a number of fixes, running compatibility mode, admin, reinstalling files, etc.

Nothing has worked so far. Any suggestions? FYI, I am using the MGSO mod pack.

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